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DataMind 10-28-2004 06:59 AM

Dual Boot?
hello i have a 40 GB HDD i have made a partition on it in which i have win XP installed and the rest is unallocated space.Now i wont to install win 98 in the unallocated space. i have the original win 98 CD but no boot disk. can it be done?and how? thanks allot.

TheMajor 10-28-2004 07:22 AM

you have to download a bootdisk from and format the unallocated space to FAT32.
boot with the floppy, type "fdisk" then follow instructions

I sould install 98 first and then Xp because it could overwrite your XP bootsector. I am not sure what happens if u install 98 but probably XP won't boot afterwards. You can try to hide the XP partition before u install 98 though, it MOSTLY worked for me.

If one of those operating systems isn't working afterwards u might wnt to try out a bootmanager like PQ Bootmagic or bootstar bootmanager.

But its way safer to install 98 first and then install XP on the second partitions.

BTW, u can also use the XP disc to format the unalloacted space.

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