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Default Conglomeration of new computer probs

System Specs:

P4 Prescott 3.0gHz 800FSB (running at around 47-51C under load, 34-37C at idle)
Gigabyte GA-8I848P-G (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 DDR DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN)
ATi Radeon X800XL 256MB 8X AGP (running at about 43C at idle, dont know what at load) with the latest Catalyst drivers
SATA Raptor 10k RPM HD
2GB PC3200 Corsair RAM
Fresh load of XP
DX 9.0C

Thanks in advance, if you can help with ANY of these problems. Please keep the responses coming. I'm hoping some of this crap is easy stuff that just requires a few sets of brains/eyes. I have these ?'s all over the internet and haven't had them solved yet. Maybe here will be the first place, I dunno. I just upgraded my computers CPU, MB, and main HD (vid card is the same), and formatted, so now i have a few craptastic problems that sprung up on me.

Problems (in order of annoyance):

obviously i reformatted win xp home when i upgraded, etc. everything seems to have went perfect, EXCEPT:

i installed the Ati drivers, newest. installs fine, shows as installed fine in hardware manager. but there are two unknown devices that try to install upon startup afterwards. i have no clue what they are, but they both say they are located on Raedon, and that is the only information or clue i have.

I have attempted to uninstall, reinstall, in safe mode, standing upside down, etc, doesnt work. then i went to ATi's site (I have an open ticket there which they have yet to respond to):

737-19730: 'Unknown Device' appears in Windows XP 64 after installing Catalyst

The information in this article applies to the following configuration(s):
Catalyst 5.5 and higher
Windows XP Professional 64 bit edition
After installing Catalyst, an unknown device will appear on the desktop and Windows and will be unable to find an appropriate driver.
There appears to be a problem with Windows recognizing the WDM driver after Catalyst is installed.
To workaround this issue, please install Catalyst 5.4
ATI Engineering has been advised of this issue and is investigating. Any updates will be published when they become available.

^^^this is all i could find ont he ATi site, but it doesnt work (installing the eariler drivers). comes pretty close to my problem though.

2) Logging in automatically. I thought I fixed the logon so it would just log me in automatically? nope. when it starts up it shows the login box like it was Windows 2000 and says Administrator but wont log me on. I have to change the title to Matthew and hit OK (which is somewhat annoying).

3) This computer is SCREAMING fast - for me anyhow. I have never been so impressed with how fast everything in and around windows is running.

Yet when I play FEAR, it is hesitating every 10 seconds or so. not majorly, but enough to notice. just a little blip. granted, i have most of the settings turned up pretty high, but with my specs i dont think that should be a problem. and i tried it on low, that didnt help. fresh install. and to answer your question i reverted back to the new catalyst drivers before i played (after troubleshooting problem number one).

4) Battlefield2 - installed trying to see if i had the same hiccups that FEAR does. nope. turned graphics all the way up, still no problems that i encountered playing for about ten minutes. however, the audio has static in it. especially in the music while waiting for the map to load and when the voice over (UAV etc) comes on.

5) MSIE menus...the folder icon for each sub category link under favorites loads from top to you can see for example, the placeholder icons, then from top to bottom it cascades and replaces the generic icons with folder icons. its kinda hard to explain. and it only does it the first time you open a new MSIE window, but for every new window it does it. picture the icon that you see when a file isnt associated with a specific program. then not the website themselves icons, but the folders that have the arrow to see what is contained within. picture one by one from the top the generic icon changes to the folder icon, and now speed it up...thats what i see. and it does if it is set to "adjust for performance" or "adjust for appearance". and my menu show number in the registry is already changed from 400 to 1.

thanks for the help in advance.


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sounds like some vc issues. did you install both drivers for onboard video and your card?; if your mobo has a vc on it that. Arer those the drivers from ther cd or ati site?

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no i dont have onboard video. i tried both the CD drivers as well as the ones from ATi site, and bear in mind the card didnt do this prior to the computer upgrade.
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