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z3r0gr4v1ty 09-16-2005 03:46 PM

computer restarting
got a small issue not sure if something is pissin with my powerbar ie small power surges or animals or what but has anyone ever had an issue where ur computer would hard boot for no real reason i've never been able to see if an error comes up or what b/c it only happens when my computer is idling but almost everytime i come back it's restarted and i know it's hardbooted b/c my desktop is gone and it asked me to push the button and crap to get my background back anyone have any similar problems or anything? i've also scanned my computer for virus' and it didn't find any

Spork 2.0 09-16-2005 04:43 PM

A lot of the time when a computer restarts at random, its usually due to an overheating problem. Also, check to make sure you don't have a massive amount of rpograms running in the background that might cause a system crash.

Try using this to determine if its an overheating problem or not:,7309,00.asp

SHAWN 09-16-2005 05:06 PM

Right click my computer>>properties>>advanced>>startup and recovery>>disable automatic restart. If it blue screens then post the error. If it just reboots without one I would look into the heat issue.

Elbatrop1 09-16-2005 05:08 PM

Have a look at my Random Reboot Guide at the top of the Troubleshooting Area in the Hardware Section.

That should give you a good idea as to what is going on:D

If you still have questions, or have found the problem, post back!

z3r0gr4v1ty 09-21-2005 11:08 PM

hmm shouldn't be an overheating issue i have six fans in the sucker and this has never been an issue b4 i mean it could be heat but.. why could it make it through the dog days of summer with no problem and now that it's getting cooler out... ? lol

dnoch 09-22-2005 02:09 PM

Im having a similar problem. Check it out

pinkfloyd2005 09-22-2005 02:13 PM

download a freeware motherboard monitoring program, and monitor the heat on your motherboard. Then do a little research and see what temp your processor is rated to run at.

EricB 09-22-2005 02:49 PM

donwload memtest86 and check your ram. sometime if the computer head to a bad address on the ram it will do that.

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