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Default CMOS checksum error


what is a CMOS checksum error?

i just got one when i was rebooting, it then said that it was loading defaults?

why did i get it?
does this mean my mobo is going bad or my mobo battery is going flat?

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try reseating the battery. if that doesn't work replace it.

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A checksum error indicates that the Cmos was unable to load the current bios. Your mobo should request that you reinstall the bios information that had been saved (which , hopefully, you have already done!) After the error message, did your OS load? If it did, then you need to reinstall the bios for you mobo or update the bios. It the checksum error persists and you do not have a saved bios, there is a way to re-jumper you mobo and reisntall the bios data. Did you attempt to flash the bios and then exit out before the bios was updated? If so, and you do not have the bios info saved, you have a problem!!!! It may be symptomatic of a low battery (hopefully) or the Bios chip may be failing.....not a good thing!

This issue is caused when the CMOS values are incorrect. This issue can occur because of any of the below possibilities.

Bad or old CMOS battery.
BIOS update.
Disconnecting power from computer without shutting down computer

Bad or old CMOS battery

Attempt to reboot the computer. If error still occurs after rebooting the computer enter CMOS setup and check all values, this includes verifying the time and date are correct. Once everything has been verified and/or changed make sure you save and exit CMOS setup.

If you have a Phoenix BIOS and have an option for 'Reset Configuration Data', set this value to 'Yes' and save and exit the CMOS.

Note: If this issue continues to occur after you turn off your computer off it is possible that the CMOS battery may be failing or already bad. Before considering replacing the CMOS battery try leaving your computer on for several days.
Disconnecting power from computer without shutting down computer

If the computer was had the power disconnected while it was still running it is possible this could cause the CMOS to become corrupt. Ensure that the computer is ready to be shut off before turning off the computer. If you have a laptop computer ensure that the battery is charged before disconnecting the power connection.

If the CMOS values have become corrupted entering the values in CMOS setup and saving and exiting CMOS should resolve your issues.
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Try reading most, if not, all of the screen to see if there is a message like "Press [insert key] key to continue." I had the same thing, and i pressed F1 and the computer just bypassed that screen. Never received it since.
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oops i forgot to mention that i was prompted to hit F1 to load the defaults,

i hit F1 and the OS (windows xp) loaded up

ricodirenzo, i guess what you mean by saved defaults is the default ones, correct? i guess i save the defaults from the bios, by default would there not be a saved bios settings?
yes, the OS did load up after i hit F1, can i safely reboot the machine?

i did not messs around with the BIOS? i aint into flash programming, i guess one would do that if one wanted to overclock, correct?

i got the mobo under 2 years ago, would it have a battery which is on its way out, i guess if the bios chip fails, then the mobo needs to be chucked out, correct? wonder if the mobo will be under warranty?

i did do a naughty(?) thing, i had shut down my machine (which was quite warm in the first place), disconnected the power to the machine (by removing the electric cable) and then hit the power on button (to check if there was any residual power in the PSU, i had heard there usually is), perhaps that is the cause of the problem

sounds similar to what you ahd written, only that i had shut down the machine from windows xp, it was off i am sure, would this have corrupted the bios settings for ever, if i restart my machine do you thiunk i will get the bios problem again?
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