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Old 08-12-2005, 05:06 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Originally posted by Tyler1989
Hahaha I think Warez just got the virus. I will say this as much as I hate piracy I did not design this worm.

But I fully support some of it's features besides the controll panal and the registry. I hope that no anti virus company will add this gem to it's definition file. About time a virus writer did something usefull.
I seriously doubt the RIAA is behind this virus. A virus is a virus is a virus, no matter what the intent it is still illegal thus the RIAA would be shooting themselves in the foot more ways then one.

As for supporting this virus Tyler, you've gotta be kidding me? I have over 10 gigs of music, all legal copies of my own bought cd's over the years and if I were to lose them to some assinine virus such as this would you still be so supportive? Not just myself but many many people legally back up their music collections and this virus does not distinguish between those that back up legally and those that pirate.

I've said this once and I'll say it again. It is NOT illegal to have any P2P application on ones computer. Just because a virus propagates through P2P does not somehow make it "moral" in any way. The intent is to destroy data on someones private property and to do so with nothing but malice intent. This virus writer can try to cloak his/her *** under some bull**** "morality" charade all they want but they are still responsible for damaging private property and should be punished like any other virus writer.

Moral viruses do not and will not ever exist so long as innocent people are victims.

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In case you don't quite know what a toy is.. A toy virus means something that can be easily killed.. If someone only has to update their virus definition to contain it, then it's not something serious..

according to Symantec Security Response, the threat containment is easy.. and here is the full instruction for virus removal and information:

a new virus isn't going to stop anyone from using p2p, as there are already so many on the p2p network already.. It's pointless to say the least, at best it's just a minor annoyance..

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This is all i have to say
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well most my music is in OGG format so i'm cool hahahahaa


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