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ccApp tends not to respond as it is trying to end all its processes. Here is the offical Symantec article on this issue.

"Message: "ccApp.exe is not responding" during computer restart or shut down

When you restart or shut down your computer, you see the Windows dialog box displaying the message "ccApp.exe is not responding. . . ." Sometimes, Windows closes the program and you can restart or shut down. At other times you must click End Now to close ccApp.exe.

This problem was fixed for some Norton programs in the latest Common Client and Norton AntiSpam program updates. To install the update, start your Norton product, run LiveUpdate, download the updates, including any Common Client updates and the Norton AntiSpam program update if it is listed, and then restart the computer when prompted. For more details on how to run LiveUpdate, see the document How to run LiveUpdate.

This message can also occur when ccApp.exe, the main Norton host file, is closing the Norton product services and the computer is shut down before ccApp.exe has finished. If you have the latest program updates and you still get this message, wait a minute or two for Windows to close. If Windows does not close the application in that time, then click End Now and allow the shutdown process to continue."

Their solution is not very helpful, but there is a way to fix your problem. First thing you will need is the actual norton cd that you installed with. If it came pre-installed on your pc then you may want to take part of southerns advice and get a new av program. Her advice though, to reformat the drive, is questionable at best.

One reason the app tends to hang is the order in which you update those files through live update when it is first installed. Certain versions of Norton av software require that only the redirector and common client files be upgraded before any virus updates or core program updates can be added. it's a known glitch in their coding. Obviously, if it was pre-installed, it is out of your hands, and it falls into the hands of your pc manufacturer. They may even deny responsibility and shove you over to Norton support.

So before this can go further, you need to supply some information. Which Operating System are you on, and which version of Norton are you running? Was it pre-installed or did you buy the software and install it yourself? Let's start with that and see what we can do for your issue.

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If it came pre-installed on your pc then you may want to take part of southerns advice and get a new av program. Her advice though, to reformat the drive, is questionable at best.
The reason I say this is because of where it's vertually impossible to get out. I know, cause it hung up on me and the only way *I* finally got rid of it was during a reformat. I did follow Norton's advice, I DID edit the registry, I did everything *I* knew how to do and the ONLY thing that cured it was a reformat. Btw, the version I had was Norton 2004. Liz

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It come preinstalled on my wife sony vaio (NIS 2003), which also has system recovery (it restores the OS back to it store bought condition with all on it's program and setting) in a hidden partition and a restore cd and dvd. After a restore I went to uninstall NIS so I can put AVG and zone alarm on. Bad mistake. a lot of stuff just didn't work(I also had trevorut CCapp not closing after I'd unistalled Norton). and I'm great at fixing things. reinstalling norton by itself from my restore DVD didn't fix the problem. I had to restore the restore.

when I finished restoring it again, I installed NIS 2005 over 2003. now that actually worked.

do you know how many computers that I have fixed because when people uninstall norton it took stuff with it that it wasn't suppose to and it was easier to copy people data and reinstall than to try to fix the problem. Now it doesn't do it all of the time (take crucial files with it during uninstall), but it does it too many times. It is the only reputable software that do this, beside Pinnacle.
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The reason we came across with the Norton product and not uninstalling properly was a patch to the core program they issued for both the 2003 and 2004 versions. Some people who chose to update manually, and never did, did not have this issue. Those who either automatically installed, or installed all patches manually, had the problem.
After an uninstall was performed and it was obvious that it did not remove all aspects we would do the following.
Go to the registry, and remove all instances of norton in the run and run services list, whether they were disabled functions or not.
Then reboot the pc to clear them from the processes.
After it boots up, go to your folder options, and choose to view all files. Then go back to the registry and start by clicking on the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key. Then go to the edit menu, choose find, type in symantec and then search out and delete all keys with that name.
Once you do that, click again on the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key and again click edit, find and type in norton and search out and delete all entries for that a well.
Again click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key and back to edit, find and type in live update, search and delete all.
Again, click on the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key then edit, search, type in lvupd and search, delete all.
That removes all the symantec bs from your registry. Keep in mind the last tow wil only appear if you have those core updates which is why there are issues to begin with.
After your registry is clear, and you have disassociated the files from the registry, you can now go to your desktop. Click start, search, type in norton, and search the c drive for any trace. Delete all you find. Do the same for symantec, then live update, then lvupd. Some of the lvupd and live update files may have been hidden and most likely willhave protected status. As we have disassociated them from the registry now, if you get an error, it is very simple to rclick the file, deselect the protected status, and remove.
Reboot the pc, and voila, no more norton. The whole process takes about 20 to 25 minutes. Much faster than installing windows, then patching/updating windows, installing all your programs and resetting all your individual tweaks that you have grown accustomed to. Not to mention all the email setups and isp settings you need to reconfigure as well.

Last year alone we serviced over 9000 pcs at our shop, and dealt with norton products on well over 3000 of those machines. We document and plug all our work/tweaks/issues we come across or discover into our intranet db so we can easily access this information. So I know what you go through eric, but as for reformatting, on all our norton specific issues, we only had to use the reformat option 63 times to solve the issue for our clients. We use that as a last resort here. As most times, they do not have program disks to reinstall what came pre installed on their pcs that are now past warranty, so for them, losing all those are not an option. Customer service is the name of the game, it's how we keep our jobs secure.

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