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Old 02-16-2005, 06:47 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Cant access internet, but can ping IP

I'm having a problem where I can ping IP addresses on the Internet, but can not access the hostnames; eg. I can ping, but cannot ping nor can I visit via the web or I have tried everything I can think of -- spyware, hosts file, checking DNS, etc. -- the other computers on the LAN work fine except this one.
Also, this is a wireless computer as are the other systems. The system can no longer get a valid IP via DHCP (gets one of them 169.x) so I had to manually specify the router information.

Any ideas? I've been googling all day long. Thanks

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Are you using Windows XP?

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How could I forgot to mention that! Yes, I am.
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what you have there is a dns issue. when you say you can ping by ip but not by fqdn, nor can you surf by fqdn, that's dns. most of the times it has to do with your isp and their servers not translating the dns information properly. your first step would be to contact them. the lack of a properly asssigned dhcp address also suggests a server issue, provided you have also run the proper steps to determine so.

you can also try the following command to flush the dns on your system:
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
that will clear out the dns cache on the pc, and might resolve your issue.

If that doesn't work, you should try is to power down the modem and router. them power up the modem FIRST, waiting for the cable/online light to becomes solid. then power up the router. once you do this, try an ipconfig command. if you get the 169.256.x.x, try to release/renew. wait for it to time out, if it says unable to contact the dhcp server, you know you have a server side issue, not a pc issue.

ensure your drivers for wireless are properly installed viz the device manager, check the tcp/ip settings, they should all be set to automatic(dhcp, dns, ip address).

once you verify that info, repair your lac. if it says unable to renew the ip address, again you know it's server side.
one thing to make sure you get your isp to check is the dns ip address against what you get. you should both ping and compare the ip address.
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Thanks for the reply, I'll have to check those ipconfig commands out tommorrow, this is actually a friend's of mine system.

The DNS servers arent the issue. They work fine from the other systems in the house (plus they are also the same DNS servers for my house and the rest of Buffalo).

I can ping (which is, which I translated to numeric form from another machine in the house) but I can not access -- IE just errors out with that default "you're offline" type page.

The router's DHCP server is not the issue as well. I brought my laptop over and it was able to gain an IP and all the information from the router. I had restarted the router the other night when I thought it could have been the DHCP server.

In addition, the computer (the one with the issues) can access another computer on the LAN; eg. \\downstairs\Shared Music..
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Send a message via AIM to Alex81388

Hm, you definatly can reach the internet, but its almost like something on your comp is blocking (not well) your access. What is your firewall situation? Run a couple Virus/Spyware scans (just for kicks) and then turn off all firewalls.

Start > run > cmd > type: ipconfig /release
Then type: ipconfig /renew

Try your access to different sites, including the ping option again, you may resolve the issue.

Good luck.
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The system is virus and spyware clean (now). There were a bunch of viruses, but I removed them. Also, there is no firewall on the system.

Since the computer isn't mine and I'm not there, would a reboot fix do the same thing as the /release and /renew flags? I rebooted the system there many times.
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Send a message via AIM to Win2kpatcher

Do a system restore to a few days back when everything was ok and see if that works. You will not lose any data it just restores system settings.
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does this have the latest patches and the others not? also disable and then re-enable the DHCP service (or vice versa)... what about firewalls? xp local firewall? zonealarm? disable them and see what happens. try reinstalling the DUN. make sure the binding is correct, check the other systems if need be to make sure.
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DON'T do a system restore!!!!! If there were any virii that were attached to your system restore files, you'll be getting the virii back on the PC. If you have done a system restore, you'll have to check for virii again.

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