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Default Re: BSOD on vista boot

Originally Posted by Makaveli213 View Post
Okay why would it be strictly for Linux when even the site says they use all the latest file system tools?

That would include all the previous tools they used for the GParted LiveCD that is working with Windows and OS X. I haev just downloaded the newest build and will test it myself. There is nothign on their site that says these newer builds will not work with a Windows Partition.


Okay the above claim is bogus. I have personally just used version of GParted LiveCD to shrink down my Vista partition and create a 19.53GB partition with NTFS file system. It work fine not only in Vista but XP as well. The only thing i can say about hte newest version of Gparted. It takes longer to scan the discs than version 0.3.3 did.

Any version of Gparted will work. There is nothing on the website saying that Gparted is Linux only and if so then how come i got it to personally work? Gparted is a disk managment tool. It can be used for any OS.
Note the term "resized" and not "create" used there! Also take a close at the screen shot here of the entire download page to see where the cursor only points to two "platform independent" releases when looking under the "architechure" column and scrolling down.

Originally Posted by ZeroShade View Post
I finally figured it out... took a couple of beer to get me really into it.. but i got it. I just put 3 gigs of ram in. Apparently... theres a problem with vista running with 3 gigs of ram. How bizarre is that. So.. the effects is that it screws up ur dvd/cd drive and gives u the bsod! I downloaded the patch... took the the gig or ram out.. installed it... put the ram back in... and everthing works fine. Has nothing to do with gparted! However... theres was something screwy with that disk i had though... the screeen went all funny... and nothing showed up. Anyways.. thanks everybody for your help!! Everything is good now!
MS has a page on errors seen when installing either the 32bit or 64bit editions of Vista and seeing error messages appearing. The best advice is to first remove 2gb until after Windows is installed. Glad to see you got that sorted out already.

The article is seen at Error message when you try to install Windows Vista on a computer that uses more than 3 GB of RAM: "STOP 0x0000000A"

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Default Re: BSOD on vista boot

I resized my Vista partition to "create" this partition of mine. I took the ~20GB of space from my Vista partition to create this new drive which i will now use to install Ubuntu.

As for your list thing. I took the very top one. The GPArted-livecd- file downlaoded that and burned it and used it. So you are telling me that i was able to use a Linux ONLY disc to resize my partition and create this new partition? Right. Cause that makes total sense. I used a Linux only LiveCD to shrink a Windows partition and then used that space to create a Linux partition. Even though i formatted it to NTFS to make sure that Windows would see this new partition.

Sorry but i dont care if it says Architechure or platform independent. It WORKS. I have used it and tested it with Windows. It works to do all functions needed to a.) free some space up b.) create a partition with that space. Which is what most users will have to use it for. Sorry but it is not independent on anything. I used a i386 ISO and it worked for Windows. I guess that means it isnt Linux only. I guess that would mean it is dependent on being 32 Bit Since i386 is 32 Bit architecture and all.

So again i state that GParted no matter what version you use will accomplish any and all tasks needed for making a partition for Windows.

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Default Re: BSOD on vista boot

Now take that same release and try to create a Fat32 primary? Try it with XP even. You won't get very far.

Since Vista sees improved drive tools it apparently converted the file system there from VFat to NTFS. Plus the new version accepts a wider range of partition types since it is intended to upgrade even from them. Did you know that the free Linux tool memtest is now seen on the newer MS Windows disk?

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