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CarlosGarcia 06-16-2004 01:04 PM

Blue Screen
Driver IRQL Not Less Or Equal.

This is always in normal mode, or other modes that are not plain old Safe Mode. This is in Windows 2000, and in Windows XP, it did happen also.

Athlon Xp 2700
512 DDR Cheap 400Mhz
Pine 32AGP4x (currently)*
Maxtor 80GB UltraATA
Dual Lite-On CD-RW's
Audigy ZS Platinum
D-Link WirelessG AirPlus

How about errors ocurring before, beginning, or during the format and installation process while booting up from the CD?

I also could run the normal mode once, without errors, with just the hard drive and video card plugged in. After that, I put everything to go all or nothing, and blue screen came back. I took it apart to the basic setup, and the error didn't go away.

CarlosGarcia 06-16-2004 01:05 PM

This is a brand new PC, just a couple of months old, that I haven't been able to use much. When I did, it was at the mercy of this blue screen. Now it can't boot up in normal modes without it or rebooting on it's own, or blue screen. (Windows 2000)

chrönik04 06-16-2004 01:36 PM

did you put this togeather yourself?

make sure all the hardware is physically installed correctly, then boot windows into safemode. mycomputer>properties>hardware>device manager>look over everything and make sure you actually have everything listed. also check the irqs, btw do see any little yellow question marks?¿

CarlosGarcia 06-17-2004 07:20 AM

I did do all the installation. There's a Maxtor on master by cable select, an Athlon XP 2700 installed on a Gigabyte K7 motherboard, one stick of 512 memory, and the video card on the AGP slot. I've also tried this on an Asus motherboard, which is actually mine - the K7 is a friend of mine's, so that I could keep testing different parts to see which ones eliminated the blue screen.

While assembling it on the Asus for the first time, I made a couple of mistakes, and the CPU died. A short while after, the video card also died. The current setup is just the hard drive, memory, CPU, video card, and (Gigabyte) motherboard. Know this - I did not get the mistake while running the hard drive (and other components) on other computers (1.1Ghz Celeron, Matsonic motherboard, 256 SDRAM). Nor by using the memory stick on those same computers. I get the blue screen whenever I use the combination of Athlon and memory with that hard drive, regardless of the motherboard or components I use.

Next step, I'll re-format and re-install Home edition with the basic setup I described earlier.

kboy 06-17-2004 11:36 AM

Ya might want to try different Ram. Also when I had that problem it was a Heat issue.

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