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Default Better O.S. for gaming

I heard rather than Windows 2000/nt but Xp was much better, I was curious if that was really true since I've been also hearing XP still has bugs. I could just disreguard that all, anyway what really is better for gaming? And which version of Xp is better of them all; Office, pro?

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windows 2000 is good for office work,
xp is good for gaming
longhorn, im not sure yet, but i know it cannot run on a 1300 mghz computer

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Couple things. XP is truly not much different from 2000...only visually glorified and more full of more things like CD burning wizard, unzipping wizard, and a whole lot of what I call "Bloatware". Someone on the forums said something like one time (don't remember who): "Take off the look, and Windows XP is almost the same as 2000". Just basically avoid ME and all outdated WIndows OSes. As for the versions, it depends on what you want. Pro isn't worth the extra money unless you want the features it has, such as more network/workstation management type tools. It's got more things like FTP tools. Home is fine. And Office XP isn't a windows XP edition, it's a Productivity suite (with Word, Excel, and all that). Hope this helps.
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Just remember, when it comes to anything that says "microsoft" you can except some bugs, but XP is the best, it has been polished off from 2k and made for running apps more smoothly, along with gaming and audio effects, longhorn, no one can tell, it doesn't come out for another year, don't wait for that
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Go with XP, 2000 is more of an Office Program.
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2003 Server! LOL...Never crashed yet!!
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heard somewhere that windows 2003 could be set up to run as a gaming OS, and that it runs better than XP.
Not sure enough about it, but if someone can confirm, that would be sweet. I'm getting tired of XP :P
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Hm alright.
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XP is better than 2000 for gaming, it's got compatibility mode for older games and XP performs better than 2000
I haven't heard that much about 2003, but it should be better than XP is.
I used to have 98, and when i went to XP it was actually faster than 98, it didn't crash (well it did a few times in a couple of months) but a big improvement to 98
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yeh well 'Slam'n Systems' my windows 2003 hasnt crashed yet iether ... well it hasnt crashed in the 2 weeks ive had it so far.. so lets keep praying that it doesnt.. lol.. but yeh i configured my Win 2003 to be a "gaming station".. thier was sum website i found... so after i did the initial trouble of that i would say its a lil better then win xp... it seems to go faster... I dont know why... but im not complaining .. lol

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