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PhaleProof 04-23-2004 01:11 PM

Best Software Firewall?
What do you guys think are the best software firewalls?

Sygate, ZoneAlarm, whats the best?

HeddaLora 04-23-2004 01:29 PM

I have Norton on some computers, and Zone Alarm on some other computers. I prefer Norton.

Hedda Lora

tylertherobot 04-23-2004 02:48 PM

Probably Norton - Zone Alarm is somewhat bad because if you're really in to IRC and what not the script kiddies can execute crap to shut it down on you and be little retards on your comp.

PhaleProof 04-23-2004 04:56 PM

Is the Norton firewall different than Norton Anti-Virus or does it come included?

chog 04-23-2004 05:16 PM

No it is different, if you buy Norton Internet Security than it comes with anti-virus.

Martin 04-23-2004 05:17 PM

For free ones, I would suggest either Sygate or Kerio, but Norton Personal Firewall seems to have worked the best for me in the past.

Vladd44 04-23-2004 06:21 PM

sygate bar none.

ZA often has issues with demanding p2p programs.

becroydon 04-24-2004 05:23 PM

zonealarm has conflicts with many p2p downloading programs, symantec internet security 2004 is my favorite

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