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SupremeRuler99 06-14-2005 02:47 AM

Backing up 'vast' amounts of music
As of this moment my music collection is just over 10GB, I know - quite pitiful in some cases. However, I would like to back this up to some DVDs so that if anything went wrong, I wouldn't have to spend all week copying my CDs back onto my computer. Instead I could just copy one or two DVDs onto my hard drive.

The question is; how do I go about doing this? The thing is, once it is backed up, it will still continue to grow. How does one back up a constantly growing alphabetically organised music collection? :confused:

IAM_7154 06-14-2005 02:51 AM

I use an external HD to back up music (& everything else). Got a folder for every letter, just drop the album in & it alphabetizes it self

Win2kpatcher 06-14-2005 05:36 AM

I agree and this is what I do. I put my MOST favorite items onto both my external HD AND DVD's. Because DVD's are so cheap now I usually back up my entire music collection monthly to DVD and I am ALWAYS backing up to my external HD about every week or so I update it.

Tyler1989 06-14-2005 09:02 AM

why don't you just make a "real" backup using a backup utility.

Trifid 06-14-2005 09:58 AM

I would just get a 40gb external HDD.

If you don't mind wasting DVD-r's, than you could back up all your music every month or so.

(I thought having 2.2gb's of music from iTunes was too much to cope with, lol.)

I create a new playlist, and make a waiting list of things that need to be burned.

SHAWN 06-14-2005 10:25 AM

Another vote here for an external drive

EricB 06-14-2005 10:30 AM

get dvd-rw's, format them and adjust on the fly.

Elbatrop1 06-14-2005 10:47 AM


Originally posted by EricB
get dvd-rw's, format them and adjust on the fly.
I agree. I was going to mention this exact thing, but I see that it was already posted.:D

Do you already have a DVD-Burner?

SupremeRuler99 06-14-2005 01:59 PM

Yes I do have a DVD burner and I think that is what I must do, as I can't really justify purchasing a external hard drive. Thanks for the help :)

EricB 06-14-2005 03:24 PM

make sure you do the UDF format option with it (it take maybe 20-30 minutes to do it). that will make it act like a 4.7 gig floppy hard drive

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