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stevo240591 01-23-2011 12:46 AM

X8100 or G73SW?
I'm looking to buy myself a new laptop since i blew up my old computer.
I'm looking for something thats considerably powerful for around $2500.

I've come down to a choice between a clevo X8100 and an asus G73SW-A1 both of which i want to modify a little by putting an SSD in and extending the warranty to 3 years on the one I buy.

I've never even heard of clevo before so despite a review I read MALIBAL VEDA Series Performance, Benchmarks and Conclusion
I'm still skeptical about it. Also the Clevo I'm looking at is different to the one in this review.

I live in Australia so I have to deal with gst and other junk if i buy overseas

So This is the place that I have found to buy them.
ASUS G73SW laptop notebook - G73SW-FHD-TZ016V - G73SW-A1 - 17.3 inch gaming laptop with GTX 460M

Metabox X8100 - Clevo X8100 laptop notebook - CrossFire ATi HD 5870 graphics - 18.4 inch Gaming laptop

Which way should I go?
each one will wind up being roughly $2500-$2600 after SSD
Also are there any trustworth reviews on the Clevo?

MindoverMaster 01-23-2011 09:49 AM

Re: X8100 or G73SW?
Never heard of Clevo. ASUS is #1 in my book.

For reviews, Google is your friend.

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