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Default Toshiba laptop / crashed? wont turn on.

Problem #1 toshiba

Problem #2 was using the laptop, no internet or im's on... had a game running... it was charging. then all of a sudden it just died on me.
No lights turn on, not even the light in front to tell me if it's charging.
Wont boot up.
also i pulled the battery. it's at 50% still. im kinda clueless.
all i can think of it May be is that theres a short where the cable plugs in... if so how hard is it to pull apart? and check it out... im sure that if that port gets screwed up nonetheless the battery wont turn it on cause of that...
can anyone think of what this might be?
basicly i have a paperwieght right now and i can push buttons all day long ... pretty fun
Im currently in iraq right now, so trying to figure out what i may need. im close to baghdad and ill prolly just have one of the Terps go pick the parts up for me... nonetheless... anyone got any ideas?


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Default Re: Toshiba laptop / crashed? wont turn on.

Being that you're in Iraq, it probably over heated and died. None of the Toshiba's I owned had good cooling.

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Default Re: Toshiba laptop / crashed? wont turn on.

my toshiba runs pretty hot, it might be that some stuff got in your laptop and it overheated as kurrent said.
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Default Re: Toshiba laptop / crashed? wont turn on.

it stays in a COLD enviroment all day long... never touches heat... and sorry it's a gateway... still trying to figure out what might have happened... cant figure it out yet... still brainstorming

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Default Re: Toshiba laptop / crashed? wont turn on.

Well sounds like something inside has fried, regardless of where you keep it it'll get hot when it's on.

How do you know the battery is at 50%? - Have you tried the battery in another laptop to find out?

Anyhoo, even without the battery in the laptop would still work off the mains.

Could be as simple as the motherboard. How old is this laptop?
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Default Re: Toshiba laptop / crashed? wont turn on.

I think that it is time to viseit service center
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Default Re: Toshiba laptop / crashed? wont turn on.

battery has a tester deal on it when it's off... it said 50% a time before when i had a battery terminate itself... u pushed the button and it flashed red across the board... this one is green and at 50. no i didnt try it in another. only guy with this brand/type here...

also service center? laptop was free after a month old 6months ago... anywho, service center would be going outside and shooting the m24 at it for a lil while... lil 7.62mm would fix it just fine haha. but it's in baghdad getting a new motherboard put into it as we speak now.


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