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oldschool69 06-05-2009 12:08 PM

Save this LAPTOP???
Have a Toshiba Satellite M30, given to my wife by her company (issued to her actually when she was working)....well, she quit about 6mnths ago, they never asked for the laptop back (go figure:freak:) We BOTH used it at home since then....until about 2 months ago...started getting BSODs! Couldnt begin to tell you what the error messages read we are now, TODAY....I can push the power button, the light pops on screen remains black and I don't hear the fan working?

The main problem that was occuring, when we WERE able to login was that it would lock up/freeze and the screen would look as if the pixels were "swimming", I was able to get into Safe Mode, tried to run some antivirus removers that didnt help much. Don't know if if makes any difference, but she dropped it on the carpeted floor once, made the hinges on the back of the computer that raise the screen loose which I think made the quality of the picture screwy but shouldnt have affected the ability to power on, access Safe Mode, etc,, or DID IT??? :confused:

Nowdays, it won't even power up but the power light comes on.

Wife definitely wants to KEEP this WAS a good laptop and if we can repair this bad boy (with YOUR help of course) it would be sweet. Not to mention that wife has some files/photos and music on the harddrive she wants to recover. But we don't want to toss a pretty good laptop with doing everything we can to FIX IT.

We think it still has some viruses, etc., but I can't run antivirus stuff until I can login and access the internet.

Also we DO NOT have any recovery disks, OS disks, etc.

Please, please help!

Muffin Man 06-05-2009 01:06 PM

Re: Save this LAPTOP???
i think i know what you mean by "swimming" pixels. that might a video problem that could have been caused when it was dropped. this could also explain why it turns on but the screen just remains black.

you can try to open it and see if anything is disconnected or if there is damaged hardware

if all else fails, you can remove the hdd and hook it up to another pc to retrieve your files.

patonb 06-05-2009 01:13 PM

Re: Save this LAPTOP???
Also try memtest....... you might have 2 issues... One before being memmory, thus bsods, and the 2nd from the drop.

JoshSB 06-05-2009 08:23 PM

Re: Save this LAPTOP???
I would say its more than likely a damaged motherboard/video processor.

A virus would not keep it from POSTing so most likely you messed up the motherboard when it was dropped.

As to getting any data off the HDD, as long as the platters are not damaged, you could get an external HDD enclosure and plug it in that and connect it to a new PC. Or, you could slave it to a working computer that has a SATA/PATA (whichever you have) connection on it.

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