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Default How To Fix Dell Screens That Shake

Ok, so recently, I bought a brand new Dell Vostro 1500. After a few weeks I noticed that the screen wasn't as tight as it should be on the hinges. Well I discovered how to fix it, and it is a VERY easy fix indeed, and most newer Dell Laptops such as the Vostro line are built similar. So here is a small write up and tutorial on how to fix the wobbling in your screen.

Tools needed:
Philips head screw driver, a small one works wonders
Pocket knife or flat head screw driver to pry things open and off

Note: Remove the battery, and all USB devices along with the charger to prevent any electrical shorts.

Step One:

Remove the plate that goes across the top of the keyboard, there is a small tab at the far right that you can slide a screw driver or knife into and pop it up, from there gently pull up on it working towards the left. Be carefull, as this is where the bluetooth adapter is located if you ordered it, also note, the wireless network wires go up into a hole on the right side and into the screen.

Step Two:

Pop the plastic and rubber feet off of your LCD screen, there are 6 screws, 4 rubber feet, and two plastic covers on the Vostro 1500. Once those are removed, GENTLY use a small screw driver or sharp knife to pry the plastic cover off of the screen. It is rather tricky when it gets near the hinges, I had to move my screen up and down quite a bit to get the bottom free.

Step Three:

You should see two metal hinges, here is the reason the screen gets loose so easily, they have hinges that are screwed into soft plastic. There will be four screws, they may be loose, if not then the plastic on your screen is weakend and there may be no fix other than to order a new screen. But tighten the screws, two on each side going into the screen.

Step Four:
Move the screen to normal viewing position, and check to see if that helps any, you should notice less wobble in it.

Fallow the directions backwards to install it all back. Please note, when replacing the panel that contains the power buttons that it goes in on the left side and towards the right, push down on it as you go down, and press on the hinge area to make sure it is tight. This works on the vostro line of laptops, if yours is different then please provide some details and pictures.

I hope this really helps some people out there that have a loose screen.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responcible for any damage that occurs to your laptop because of any attempts that you try in repairing it, or any loss of data. You attempt fixing it at your own discretion and I hold no liability. Ehh that should be good enough...

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Default Re: How To Fix Dell Screens That Shake

Good job, well worthy of the sticky I have just gave it.

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Default Re: How To Fix Dell Screens That Shake

Nice fix, too bad we can't take apart the laptops we use at school, they're Dell Latitudes and are REALLY worn out.

I'm glad I don't have a Dell though, my ThinkPad is nearly 10 years old and still has rock solid hinges.

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Default Re: How To Fix Dell Screens That Shake

This is only a issue on some, they don't put that stuff on the threads that lock the screws into place sometimes and they will over time work loose.
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Default Re: How To Fix Dell Screens That Shake

Does this fix require I drink that many RC Cola's? Sorry couldn't resist. Great fix.
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Default Re: How To Fix Dell Screens That Shake

I'd like to note I had a Dell e1405 over a year ago that when I tightened the screen I must have pinched the LCD backlight power cable because it shorted against the frame and began to heat up the computer and throw sparks.

I'm not SURE that's what caused it, but it is my best bet to date.
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Default Re: How To Fix Dell Screens That Shake

Tried it on an inspiron 9300, my screen has a bit of a wobble thought this would remove that, however, didnt work for me. Screws were as tight as they could be!
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Default Re: How To Fix Dell Screens That Shake

There are also some screws on the bottom and back of the casing that holds the bottom portion of the hinges in place, they usualy don't come undone, but I have seen mine come loose on one side once, figured I would let some others know that before they attempt the above fix.
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Alright! thnx fixed my D600. it was having god awful problems. i would be typing away and all of a sudden the screen would just..PLOP! fall down and i would be like.."%@#@%! !@&^#! @!#!%@!#!! !#@%! #%@$!"

Originally Posted by Indobos View Post
Does this fix require I drink that many RC Cola's? Sorry couldn't resist. Great fix.
*Rolls on the floor peeing pants and crying*

oh my god help my stomach hurts!

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