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Default Greetings from my HP Tx2500 Inferno.

So my other post was telling about my GPU issues on my PC (or maybe not GPU.. check it out if you think you can help me troubleshoot)

But I found time to talk on this thing.

Although I purchased for Artsy/touchpad needs I rarely seem to be on it. (lol, go fig)
The GPU or CPU is less than anticipated and everyday activities (checking email, etc) seem to be having quite a bit of effort loading/working.

It came with some Drawing program but I found out after installing it can't even run that very well.

Sitting in a slightly warm room, with only this and Ventrilo open - the Temp is 59C. Quite warm for how little is going on- however I knew this system ran hot. I plan to open it up and correct this but I just discovered something rather facinating.

The Laptop is sitting on a dead laptop (toshiba something or other from the early 90s, dead LCD) giving it a nice flat plastic surface to be on - however - there seems to be an issue with the HP's Construction - even more so than the internal Thermal dispersion issues:

By propping the system up, on some cardboard inserts from old tape rolls, in 2 spots (lifting the whole system) - temperatures DROP significantly.

Shown temp is 58C *(takes time to prop system back up)
with the 2 empty tape reels - it's now listing as 55-56 C

So... the conclusion is the little rubber nubs on the bottom of this thing - don't prop it up enough to give it some airflow - which leads to the internal problems.

How could a company be this stupid?

I mean- first the rubber nubs (which are in new condition by the way, not worn down) don't lift the system up enough at all - and the internals overheat themselves with constant use to the point of Meltdown -

How in the world could HP of missed these things?

Anyway back to the real post - I am in the process of making a 'clip on' system for this to cool. Figured I'd post and get ideas on fans and stuff.

Should I use isolated smaller fans (to give direct Intake on the normal intake spots) or use one large fan to pull in air from the sides and pushin it to the bottom of the system for it's normal intakes to use?

The latter idea would add probably an inch using a larger fan to pull from slots made in sides of a lift that the Tablet would sit on. this ways it isn't trying to pull air from under it - but from the sides instead (and not the Exhaust area)


Does anyone know a GPS device/program that would be usable with a tablet? (preferred lower power consumption) I see all these fancified Tablets from 4inches to 12 all having built in GPS and even some in our store and loved it for the mapping - but yeah, personally don't have one.. would like one if I can afford... if it's gonna be like $100 though - I'll just buy a little 4inch system. lol.

Windows 7 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67Ghz (Stock)
GPU: GTX 760
Ram: OCZ Platinum 6GB DDR3 1600 Triple Channel (Stock)
Mobo: ASUS P6T Deluxe
PSU: Corsair TX750W
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache (ST31000333AS)
Cooler Master HAF 932
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Default Re: Greetings from my HP Tx2500 Inferno.

HP cuts back on a lot of stuff, Just get a laptop cooler stand.

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Default Re: Greetings from my HP Tx2500 Inferno.

if you really want to get the temperature down quickly, another useful tip is to pop out the battery when you're on the power line. i know, it's silly, but it works
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