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reuben23 09-11-2009 09:03 AM

Any ideas.... please help!!
Hi what would cause this fault if you please would be greatfull of help. It is an fz21 vaio laptop.
Working fine, froze on web-page (still viewable), shut down via holding off button.

Upon restart it now does the following;

Mains ON, Battery ON. Powers up, dvd-rom checks for disc, HD spins but no reading, screen absolutely nothing, all for around 8 sec, then powers off abruptly doing nothing for 8 sec then powers back up (on own accord) then remains with the above symptoms just not powering itself off. Keyboard does nothing, tried f8, removed HD with no post.

It does the same with the mains ON, and the battery removed.

The only change is when the battery is ON with mains OFF, it powers up then shuts down with no restarting on its own accord, only powering up when pressing the on button again.

Am aware it could be anything, was hoping maybe given the above description someone might have an idea as to what may be the problem. A huge, huge thanks if you have any advice Kind regards, Karen Reuben:)

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