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Aside from the fact that Dell's are crap (personal opinion) can't upgrade all that much in them cause everything in them is proprietary and almost impossible to swap out unless you buy the part from Dell.

My soon to be son in law repairs computers and he charges more for Dells cause he has to order the parts from Dell and not just get generic parts.

You get stuff on a Dell that you do NOT need and end up taking off. Your copy of XP isn't a GOLD copy. And it is usually put into a seperate partition and only given to you as a rescue disk NOT as a full copy.

Tell you what, my husband and I build computers, let me give you a quote based on those same components. Liz

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yeah dell is really bad, i have one myself. The only thing that im impressed with is the fact taht they made the inside of the case very organized and that dell uses good quality heatsinks. And unlike any other company that sellls computers, it comes with crap on it. If you do get a dell, do a real clean reformat to get all the crap off. I bought mine last year for 2400, i would of probably paid around 1800 for better quality parts. But i will say this, dell makes better PC's than hp.


My (Dell) PC
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Old 01-23-2005, 02:47 PM   #13 (permalink)
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Never ever buy a propietary computer, ever. When it breaks u have to buy their junk. You can bet it will be way overpriced. Haven't you heard Compaq horror stories where something simple breaks and u gotta fork out 600 for a mobo.
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ok since i know that u arent asking for opinions about the company (namely dell).. i wont go into it like everyone else is... i think what you want to know is if you're getting a good value... and i have to honestly say that (if that is american dollars u are talking about) that u could do MUCH better if you built the computer urself... and you wouldnt end up with a useless x300 lying around that u didnt need in the frist place... so ur paying for a lotta stuff u dont need.. i suggest built it urself
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Old 01-23-2005, 04:33 PM   #15 (permalink)
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Yeah, even if it seems like a good deal, you're still paying for a bunch of crap you don't need. Most prebuilt computers that come from companies such as Dell also stick in their useless software into the OS installation and really hog and slow down your computers performance.

Building yourself means you know EXACTLY what hardware and software is gonna be going into your machine, with a Dell, you generally don't.

Most of the other posters have pretty well summed up the other flaws that you'll get when buying a Dell.
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my parents bought a package comp in the past, it cost 3,000 ( australian ) and at the time it was iight( bout 6months ago) it had a

p4 2.53 williamette
512 pc2300 ddr333
a gforce 4 mmx440 ( theres the crappy gfx card common among packages )
120gb ide 5200 rpm

compared to my latest computer which cost 1,800 (australian) its like a stone n hammer and i know its 6months after gettin that one but still..
Package computers have near no upgradability... i.e. the cases have slots only for what they give u, a bad motherboard that doesnt support half of what most personally built comps have and a psu thats only enough for whats in it, so if u tried to upgrade the card, ud need to upgrade the PSU aswell
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Default Previous Dell Buyer

My mother bought a dell a few years back b/c I was leaving town or I would have built her one myself. The system worked well never had any major problems. Wasn't nearly as fast as other systems with same
processor, ram ect... As for the past few years I have spent fixing systems, I have found dells to be difficuly to fix some very minor problems. The biggest problem was with the power supply, dell uses there own specific type of power connector on the mb so when the systems go down I have had to replace both the case and the mb at the same time, can get very pricy.... hope this help

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