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Default xp2400+

Does anybody know if it is posible for a amd athlon xp2400+ throughbred core (266 fsb), 2 run on a abit nf7 board at 166x12 insted of the default setting of 133x15. I am hoping to do this 2 speed up my pc2700 ram 2 its ful speed of 333, at the moment my ram is bottlenecked by the fsb of 133 on my cpu which allows me onli run my pc 2700 at pc2100 speeds

Any ideas?? thanks

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People claim it's possible and you may have to increase your voltage to make it stable. It might not OC to 166 on your board and some people are saying it can go way past 166. Only way to tell is by trying. I don't think increasing your CPU FSB will help increase your memory FSB. What brand/ model is your memory?:

i got this not from newegg but from a friend for free, this is a very good chip if you want to OC...if you want great performance lower the multiplier from 15x to 14x....then up the vcore to 1.775, have good cooling, and put the FSB at 333 and you get 2.34ghz stable...or at least i did, on an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe and 1 GB Samsung RAM

I OC my 2400 to 2245MHz with a 333FSB and it runs at 34C all day long. I keep the voltage at 1.725 and I have no problems. I can even crank it up to over 2300MHz but the temps jump up into the 50C range. At 2245MHz it outruns my stock Barton 3000 and blows away my stock Barton 2600. This is the greatest chip and the best value on the market BAR NONE! BTW, I run Crucial DDR400, SilentBoost fan, A7N8X v2, and Thermaltake case.

This processor easily overclocks to 166 MHz FSB at standard voltages for me. I haven't even begun to push it. I was worried that I should have gone ahead and bought a 333 MHz CPU, but I am happy with the 2400+, and the price is right.

Will not as happy as I thought I woudl be. This one does not OC.well. Can't win em all. Can't get it to 166 FBS.this is on a NForce2 MB. The best it will do is 16.5x133 oh well. The 1700 I had would do 2.08 gig OC.ed with temps at 36C* at stock voltage on cheap air cooling. With same set up it hits 52C* maybe not enough or to much AC 3. Still a good CPU for the bucks. Will try my 2100 in this next, it should OC much better! Where have all the higher speed CPU's gone? I guess they be gone. Any way give it a try you might get a better one than me. It's still a good CPU for the cash, just not for OCing aleast the one I got. As always Newegg got it to me fast and cheap!


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nick I honestly don't understand how you are posting this question. I've answered this for you on 3 seperate occasions writing very lengthy and detailed responses....you need to read up on how computers work and what overclocking really is.

This is the last time I'm going to tell you: You CAN , but when you OVERCLOCK you're also overclocking your AGP and PCI busses....you will need to LOCK those busses to make sure they don't get overclocked when you start raising your multi.

Seriously dude, You don't read enough as it seems so I don't think you need to be trying overclocking just yet. I've answered this question for you two or three times now and you're asking it again as a seperate thread? I told you I have the 2400+ and explained it fully to you.

Default: 15x133 the multiplier is LOCKED you WILL NOT be able to change the multiplier.

As I've said for the 4th time now...you can TRY to get it up to 166 but you need to have the option to lock your AGP and PCI Busses which you do have on the NF7-S2G board. Notice keyword is TRY there. Do the math man...15x133 = 2GHz, now try 15x166 and see what you come up with.....2.49GHz..that's a huge jump. I can't stress enough that you need to do more reading if you can't even understand the advice I give you on the subject multiple times.

I answered everything in your previous forum post here:


Obviously you need to do some series reading. Start with kangaroo's basics on overclocking in the overclocking section.

EDIT: Hey moderators, if you're gonna post peoples reviews then look through them cause look what one guy said:
if you want great performance lower the multiplier from 15x to 14x....then up the vcore to 1.775,
.....this kid doesn't know anything about overclocking obviously......THIS CHIP IS LOCKED, you won't be able to change the multiplier down to 14 unless you plan on doing some mod to the CPU itself using an X-acto knife, magnifying glass and some conductive paint...which I highly would not suggest you trying to do.
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nubius i can change the multiplyer on my 2400xp cpu now, i have the option of anything between 5 and 15. But i can onli set the fsb to 100 because of my sd ram. I am not trying 2 overclock my cpu in my new board when i get it, i was just wondering if i could get my ram 2 run at 2700 an not 2100. I know am a noob to computers an not sayin that i aint! BTW I have a abit kt7 board currently and can chnage the multiplyer!
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