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This thread will be locked very soon.

I don't know why people continue to discuss this topic. Everyone knows that they are both good for their own types of use.

Most will have both, Consoles and PC's. So who freakin' cares?

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Originally posted by BlkShdw88
yes we can see as many frames a second as we want but the frames become a fluid motion around the 24fps mark thats why cinemas and normal tv is smooth. it depends on what your talking about i spose.
Cinema's use motion blurring, games do not. Thats why games need higher framerates.

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Here's my theory on this. Dunno if it's correct:
If a computer can't handle a game and therefore only produces 20-30 fps it will not run smoothly. This is not related to the fps, it's because it stalls and slows down in parts with lots of textures and stuff. If you would limit a game to 30-40fps and play it on a really fast machine it will be smooth, I guess, like TV. Just not as smooth as 100fps.
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i think maybe we are both partly right according to this article:
and based on this info i think that on computers fps would make a lot of difference because of refresh rates of the signal and also the refresh rates of the monitor.

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Originally posted by Tyler1989
Thanks for the info I had no clue the orignal xbox was so weak.
the orignal xbox is not so weak because it's graphic processor is comparable to a low-end GeForce 4 Ti card, and today there are alot of people who still have video cards like radeon 9200 or geforcefx 5200 or 5500 . and these cards are worser than geforce4 Ti

here is the Detailed specifications for xbox

CPU: 733 MHz Intel Pentium III processor, with a 133 MHz Front Side Bus
Graphics Processor: 250 MHz custom chip named the NV2x, developed by Microsoft and nVIDIA (comparable to a low-end GeForce 4 Ti card)
Total Memory: 64 MB DDR SDRAM running at 200 MHz, supplied by Micron
Memory Bandwidth: 6.4 GB/s
Polygon Performance: 125 million flat-shaded polys/second
(Microsoft figure. Some critics assert that the Xbox's polygon-per-second number is exaggerated by unrealistic testing conditions.)
Sustained Polygon Performance: 100+ M/s (transformed and lit polygons per second)
Micropolygons/particles per second: 125 M/s
Particle Performance: 125 M/s
Simultaneous Textures: 4
Pixel Fill Rate - No Texture: 4.0 G/s (anti-aliased)
Pixel Fill Rate - 1 Texture: 4.0 G/s anti-aliased
Compressed Textures: Yes (6:1)
Full Scene Anti-Alias: Yes
Micro Polygon Support: Yes
Storage Medium: 2-5x DVD, 8 gigabyte hard disk, optional 8 MB memory card
I/O: 2-5x DVD, 8 GB/10 GB hard disk, 8 MB memory card
Audio Channels: 64 3D channels (up to 256 stereo voices)
3D Audio Support: Yes
MIDI DLS2 Support: Yes
AC3 (Dolby Digital) Encoded Game Audio: Yes (via TOSLINK)
Broadband Enabled: Yes (10/100base-T ethernet)
DVD Movie Playback: Yes (separate DVD Playback Kit/Remote required)
Maximum Resolution (2x32bpp frame buffers +Z): 1920(vert.)x1080(horiz)
Note: NTSC (Non-HD) TV's have less than 500 horizontal lines. PAL TV's have less than 600 horizontal lines.
HDTV Support: Yes, 480p/720p/1080i (see game boxes for supported resolutions).
Controller Ports: 4 proprietary USB-based ports
Weight: 3.86 kg
Dimensions: 324 × 265 × 90 mm (12.8 × 10.4 × 3.5 inches)
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and for xbox 360, it can easly beat todays strongest pc

Hardware specifications

Custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU "Xenon"
Three symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz
Two hardware threads per core; six total
VMX-128 vector unit per core; three total
128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread
1MB L2 cache (Lockable by Graphics Processor)

Custom ATI R500 Based GPU "Xenos"
337 Million transistors total
500 MHz parent GPU (90nm process, 232 Million Transistors)
10 MB daughter eDRAM Framebuffer (90nm process, 105 Million Transistors)
256 GB/s internal memory bandwidth to internal logic for AA, 32GB/s to parent GPU (2GHz x 64bit Bus)
48-way parallel floating-point dynamically-scheduled shader pipelines (ALU's for Vertex or Pixel Shader processing)
Unified shader architecture (This means that the pipelines are shared between pixel pipelines and vertex shaders; for example, 42 pixel pipelines : 6 vertex shaders.)
16 Filtered & 16 Unfiltered Texture samples per clock
Polygon Performance: 500 million triangles per second
Pixel Fill Rate: 16 gigasamples per second fillrate using 4X MSAA
Shader Performance: 48 billion shader operations per second (96 billion shader operations per second theoretical maximum)
Dot product operations: 9 billion per second (Microsoft figure)

512 MB 700MHz GDDR-3 RAM (unified memory architecture)
Memory Bandwidth
22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth
256 GB/s eDRAM internal memory bandwidth
32 GB/s GPU to eDRAM bandwidth
21.6 GB/s frontside bus

Overall System Floating-Point Performance

Multichannel surround sound output
Supports 48khz 16-bit audio
320 independent decompression channels
32 bit processing
256+ audio channels

A side-by-side comparison between Xbox 360 and PS3 can be seen here
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by the way, the 10MB buffer on the vid card also allows for the HDTV upper resolutions via instruction set without have to add the taxation to the GPU. Plus a few other things like AA.

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