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PC's and consoles are two very different things... as nubius says a console is a dedicated system and isnt running all the crap that a pc does... at the same time the PC has higher specs..

I love my PS2 to bits, fine the graphics may not be as good as my PC or an xbox, but for me it is about the playing experience, the PS2 has the best controllers IMO and by far the best selection of games... plus the graphics arent bad... i was impressed by the graphics in Burnout 3 & San Andreas and from what I have seen of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 3: snake eater the graphics on that look awesome and the graphics from Gran Turismo 4 also look ace.

Basically you cant dismiss any console or PC they all have their own merits... personally I dont like xbox because I dont think the graphics are that much better for all they are hyped up, i hate the controllers, i dont like a lot of the games (IMO HALO is the worst game ever..., its so dull and was hardly ground breaking when you consider all the amazing fps that were already out on PC), and any good games that are out on xbox you can pretty much get for PS2 (which I enjoy playing because of the controls)

You cant really say PC > Xbox(2) or vice versa because the PC will always be better at a lot of things than an xbox... i dont think you will ever see an xbox running 3dsmax or allowing you to surf the net, while using msn messenger, typing a word document and listening to mp3s. Having said that, the xbox2 may kick the PCs arse in gaming (for a while), but PCs are upgradeable and therefore for the 4 or 5 years that the XBOX2 will be in commision the specs of PCs will get higher and overtake it!

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Originally posted by DJ-CHRIS

3x 3.4 GHZ IBM Processors (same as g5's) with hyperthreading on each.
Some uber fast ATI card
like 512 meg of ram

I hope it's not true, because PC > X-BOX (2)
dude its not gonnna have that because first it has to be like a 300 dollar console...

ive heard its a 1ghz proc
and an Nvidia card INTEGRATED onto the mobo

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ATI is doing the x-box, press statement.

I dont think their true either, but it's the most reliable info yet.
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You can surf the web on an Xbox, because you can get Linux for Xbox.

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Youll dump way more money into a pc then you ever will a console, consoles are fixed technoligy and are good for 5 years or so , no upgrades needed , as for a pc , youll go out buy all the best stuff to run the latest games or software and in less then 6 months your newly bought pc is out dated and needs upgradeing becouse they just made new software that requires more of a pc then what was needed 6 months to a year earlyer .

PC's in my opinion are a big huge money makeing scamm on both the software developers and hardware developers . Ill probley never own a high end system , simply becouse i cant afford to keep upgradeing to the newest stuff , so i have to wait for that high end stuff to become medium end so i can afford it.

I love consoles , they are a great way to have fun without all the worry and problems of a pc , youll never have to think about if your console is good enough to run the newest games or not . And by the way DOOM 3 is said to look evey bit as good on the xbox as it does on the pc , I think that says alot for the xbox wich has an older gf 3 ti gfx chipset wich is what ? 4 or 5 years old now?

Athlon 64 2800+ clawhammer 512 kb
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7 year old cheap *** 17\" monitor but looks great , im surprised its still running , its bin through 5 computers so far.
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