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Question Which would you recommend? Trying to decide on AMD processor

Just trying to decide on a processor, I've always been a P4 user because of my limited knowledge when it comes to AMD. Over the past year i've read every article i can if it refers to AMD(i have a better understanding now,but i think it's just a basic understanding(dual cores???) when talking about AMD processors). Anyways i will be building a computer in the next few months and from the computer stores where i live(Canada) i've pick three options on which processor i can buy:

1.) AMD Athlon 64 3400+processor s754 - $289.99

2.) AMD Athlon xp 3200+ 400fsb retail - $273.99

3.) AMD Athlon 64 3500 + socket 939 - $366.99

Questions (please give responses in english,i`m a computer neebie)
1- What the difference between Athlon 64 and Athlon xp?
2- Is it worth the extra $100 for a 3500 over a 3400?
3- how can anyone afford Althon-xf? Over a $1000 dollars for your processor!

Just to let everybody know what i will be doing on my new computer- Video confrences, web surfing, Online mutiplayer Games (battlefield 2 ect..)

If anyone can help it would be appriceated.Thanks

p.s- i'm sure Nubius can help me ,cause i know he's a big fan of AMD.

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Socket 939 3500+
This has the advantage of being upgradable, using a newer mobo that has more features and compatability and speed. As well as Dual Channel Ram.

The 3400+ is an older socket and does not support PCI-E and Dual Channel Ram. The XP is really old and just sucks today for a new CPU.

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Don't get socket 754.
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You could save even more cash if you got the 3200+ AMD64 winchester core and OC'd it. They can OC pretty good with adequate cooling unless you aren't into overclocking at all, then I'd opt for the 3500+ socket 939 out of those 3 you've listed. You'd definitely much rather go Socket 939, because it's a 64bit CPU, whereas the XP series is not. They are previous generation CPU's. Longhorn should be released within a year and windows64 is supposedly coming out near april and they will only accept 64bit CPUs.

Socket 939 offers dual channel, whereas socket 754 does not. Not a huge improvement, but still you'd much rather go socket 939 as AMD will continue to upgrade that socket, whereas 754 they will be leaving to mobile chips unless (hopefully) mobiles convert to socket 939 as well
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Crazy people get Athlong 64 FX's. Crazy people.

I wanna be crazy...

Anyway... yah, get the 939. It cost more money, but its worth the secondary options. Only reason I'm getting 'a 754*' is because I'mm only going to be using it for 3 months.

ANd the difference between an Athlon XP and 64 is quite simple. XP's are older, slower, and have less instructions (combined with inferior process construction).

Enjoy your system.

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The difference between Athlon 64 and Athlon XP is pretty straightforward, but there are a lot of little differences as well.

Athlon 64, as the name suggests, can process both 64 and 32 bit applications. The Athlon XP can only process 32 bit applications.

The Athlon 64s have their memory controllers built directly into the core, so the FSB technically does not exist on them. The equivelent of the Front Side Bus in the Athlon 64s is called HyperTransport, which can have speeds up to 1Ghz (this is good).

Certain Athlin 64s, based on the Winchester core, also use a smaller transitor core, which is 90 nanometer vs. the more common 130 nanometer. The result is less voltage used by the core, therefore the core stays cooler (this is also good).

If you are looking for the best price/performance ratio, and are willing to sacrifice a faster HyperTransport, dual channel memory capaiblities, and upgradability, you will want the socket 754 3400+.

If you want a faster processor with all the bells and whistles, the 3500+ on socket 939 is the one you are looking for.

By the way, if you want better prices on parts, try here.

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