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Default Windows XP problem. Please help !!

Hey everyone,

Got a problem with my folks computer, but from what I remember the specs are

Celeron 1.3gz (or mz??)
256k PC133 SDRAM
40 gig. hard drive

--1. When using applications, such as Word, when I type it takes a second for the text to appear on screen. I check the task manager/ cpu usage thing and it showed that even when I just moved the mouse left to right the CPU usage meter would jump to 100 percent. Now, I am not that good at troubleshooting computers but it seems to me that that is a problem.

--2. Also, with the same computer I tried to put in a PNY 512 PC133 SDRAM chip (after removing the 256k chip) and the computer would not start up, just gives that beeping sound. Is that a problem with the chip or is it something else.

Thanks in advance.

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for the first problem, download and update all service packs for XP and office, office (depending on the version) is up to SP4, I think Xp has SP1 out.

check the specs on your MB, it might not be able to read or see a 512 mb stick, also alot of bords are limited to 512, check the manual that will tell you what you need to know.

could also be a dead stick.....

good luck!

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sorry, just another quick note, do the stick of ram look the same??? some are double sided , while other onle have one side, check this out. I have had a few pc's not boot because of this...

also check the page file size in XP....... might have to turn in up a bit....
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1) Updates are a good thing, as Beefy mentioned.

I had a system acting the exact same way the other day- drove me nuts! I tried everything until finally I loaded bios defaults on the system. This finally fixed it. SO it's worth a try i guess. ;-)

2) Are you sure the MTB you have will accept the new style 512 memory sticks out there? The pc133 memory that is most prevalent today have a higher density type of chip on them. They are usually 8 chips/side. Older MTB's have a hard time recognizing the new density chips. If your MTB is older than 8 to 12 months there is a good possibility it will not work with this type of ram.

Old MTB & 512 sticks = either double stacked chips, or double rowed/side!
Old MTB & 256 = 8 chips /side
OLD MTB& 128 = 8 chips one side - one side only!

New Density 512 = 8 chips / side
New Density 256 = 8 chips on one side only, or 4 chips each side
New Density 128 = 4 chips one side

hope this helps. :-)
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