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Default Will my processor be compatible with a new graphics card?

My system specs are in my sig. My computer won't run Battlefeild 2, so i figure it's time for an upgrade. Strangely, it runs HL2 on most high settings, but whatever.

Can i get a new 256 mb graphics card that will be compatible with my current processor? Or will I have to get a new processor and a new graphics card? Furthermore, will i need to get a new motherboard to support all the new crap?

I'm trying to decide wether or not to upgrade, or to wait a while and simply buy a new computer. I really don't think getting a new one is neccecary, but if i have to get a new motherboard, processor, and graphics card, the cost/benefit ratio may or may not make sense.

Obviously, i'm new to the whole upgrading concept; thus far, all i've ever done is bought a new computer, though i understand some of the simplest basics. Please, give me reccomendations whatever the case.

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Let me explain this.

Processor and GPU are in no relation whatsoever. The only deciding factor when you choose a video card is what slot type it uses: AGP, or PCI-E. Your board uses AGP 4x, which is the 2nd oldest slot type, next to PCI.

I recommend you get a whole new computer. If you want a reliable build, search TF. Because by the time you get a new Intel mobo, processor, and video card, you might as well get a whole new computer.

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Default Re:


There shouldn't be any concern finding a graphics card which will be compatible with your CPU. The real concern would be your motherboard.

So long as you have an AGP on your motherboard, then your good to go. Some motherboards can be fussy, allowing only certain graphics cards with a specific AGP specification, with specific voltages- but most modern motherboards can take virtually any graphics card without any problems. The motherboard you currently have should have no problems whatsoever.

Also...what 256MB graphics card are you planning to get?

If you purchase a high end AGP graphics card it might last for quite a while, until the new technology PCI Express kicks into high gear. It seems like a perfectly viable upgrade, especially if you are more than a novice gamer. Your motherboard however doesn't support AGP speeds of 8X. Most graphics cards can operate at lower speeds...but it would be a waste buying a top end graphics card only for it to operate at 4X instead of 8X.

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You can have RAM sticks in a system with different frequencies, or speeds (MHz). For example, you could have a stick of 256MB PC2700 RAM equivelant to 333Mhz, plus another stick of PC3200 RAM equivelant to 400Mhz in a PC, thereby achieving a total of 512MB of RAM. However, your system will operate at the lowest frequency of all the RAM modules in the system. So, in this case, all of the system's RAM modules would operate at 333Mhz. The PC3200 RAM would underclock to comply to this rule.

Simply put, all RAM modules must operate at the same speed, despite their designed frequencies.

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I realize that the computer operates at the speed of the lowest speed RAM card, but both of mine are the same exact model; it just makes no sense. on my CPU-Z program, the CAS# Latency is different for each RAM stick, the slower 2.0, the faster 2.5. Let me know if you know why.

So, in short, i should try to get a new motherboard and a new graphics card, right? And while i'm at it, should i bother to get a new processor, or is it unneccecary? Should i bother to get some new RAM with the new motherboard?

Please forgive me for my newbieness and again, I greatly appreciate your help.

I'm looking at motherboards on newegg right now; when it says none under AGP slots, does that mean that it's compatible with any speed? cus i don't see anywhere where it says their "transfer rate".
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