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Default Wierd video card

I was on zipzoomfly, and i found this 2000 dollar video card, made by a company unknown to me, what the hell is it, is it any good, whats its purpose, video editing?
here it it..http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/Produc...uctCode=324704

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i remember seeing that on newegg a few months ago but i have no clue what it is (obviously a video card but...)

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probably just for video editing
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video editing????????????Ya right, you do realize most video editing apps save for a couple use very little graphics power at all, most of them use sheer CPU power, which makes sense, a video is nothing more than a stack of images multiplexed with sound.HDTV video resolution for NTSC is 1440x1080 or less, and its not even mainstream yet, DVD's are 720x480 in NTSC, not much need for GPU power there.

That card supports resolutions up to like 3800x2400, its for doing 3D models and hires graphics design, raytracing, and other super fine graphics work.You'll find equipment like that in places where engineers design parts for cars,planes,buildings, and machines in 3D using CAD.Might find a few like that in a handful of companies that make 3D models for games on occasion, but not at that resolution.A few operations that do virtual reality type work probably use them on occasion to make models.
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Horndude got it right, it's for heavy heavy 3D rendering applications such as autocad where you need to crunch a lot of numbers. These particular cards are built for reliability and precision, since they have to render a lot of crap done to the bone you want as little error as possible, and these card ensures that rendering errors or miscalculations are kept minimal.
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3dlabs is a branch of Creative.

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Originally posted by gaara
and these card ensures that rendering errors or miscalculations are kept minimal.
So are you saying that typical off-the-shelf video cards make errors during calculations?

One would hope that they are precise if they are not overclocked and running under normal operating conditions... But I haven't seen any benchmarks to say either way... People are only concerned about FPS these days.. As they should. lol
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If they don't have errors they would probably take a long time to render.
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No, what he's saying is in apps like CAD, which are often written using OpenGL, that a card like that sticks very very close to the absolute standards for giving the best and most accurate rendering quality possible, its emphasis isnt speed like a gaming card.Gaming cards trade speed for rendering quality, there's a fair amount of error involved in rendering frames in games, especially with all the manipulation going on with shading and whatnot.Ya I guess you could call it errors, but in reality, with any digital image its nothing more than a representation, so sometimes the image quality has to be sacrficed for speed.

With a card like this you can zoom in and work with incredibly fine details and lines at super high resolution that a gaming card wont even touch, and often the drivers for gaming cards really arent setup for that kind of work either.
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wonder how htat thing would preform with games? ...
it's dual core with a 3rd processing chip that does something different and 640mb memory. Must... SLI....

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