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Originally posted by aj2003
well my 6600gt doesnt have a fan and is sittin at 49C but does have a case fan pointing towards it and when i turn that off it goes up to about 55C. I think a artic cooler would do just as good a job as a watercooling kit concidering the water is already warm from going through the cpu waterblock. I think the advancements in air cooling have caught it upto watercooling alot.

as far as watercooling goes i know that dangerden is one of the best


but there are so many around now, im not up on them so cant help much sry
I have the same one as you with no fan... with the big heatsink with the leaf on it!

But mine runs so hot... i mean yours without a fan pointing at it would still run 10c colder than mine.

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Talked to one of the guys in Best Buy a while back. One of his steady customers told him about his water-cooler.

The guy does back-hoe/bobcat work (if you don't know what that is, Google it). Anyway, he had put together a monster of a system, but it ran really hot. So he decided to go with water-cooling.

He bought the basic components (CPU block, GPU block, HDD thingys), and called his brother-in-law, who is a plumber.

Why? He decided he wanted to keep his system really cool. So he dug a eight foot deep hole right outside of his bedroom (back-hoe, remember). He burried a two gallon stainless-steel cannister that he uses for a resevoir. He had his b-i-l plumb it in for him, and rig up a heavy-duty pump inside the foundation of the house. No need for a radiator, as the temp underground is a steady 58F.

I thought it was a really good idea...but would that cause a risk for condensation?


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Nubius, out of curiousity, are you going to try to overclock your XP-M even further? I bet you'll set a tech forums record
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Well it makes taking your pc anywhere a pain in the.... Its heavy, little more risky, either trashes your case or creates clutter around your computer. A little more costly maintanence, and setup. It does have better cooling then air, ohhh and it can be made to run silent.

I've had 2 watercooled systems, and I don't plan on running anymore the disadvantages are too great. I'm tired of frankenstein looking cases. If you are going to water cool to lower then room temp there was a spray I saw on sale that was suppose to 'seal' the mb and any componets, for those people wanting to supercool. I could probably find it again if you want.
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No, watercooling is not neccsary for run of the mill computing, but if you gonna OC the beejezus out of your CPU and GPU then its a must Did I mention it looks damn cool aswell?

How high you gonna take you CPU, Nubuis?

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I am dreading my next upgrade to the number of technology change that have happen in the last 12 months.

Yeah, if you guys live in cool environments, especially if you aren't overclocking with aftermarket heatsinks then yeah you don't need watercooling.

WC is the enthusiasts market not just your PC sitting there.

With this kit I'm hoping for cooler temps, BUT I don't know how much of an effect this will have on OC'ability. I think I'd have to get down to like 5c-10c for it to have an impact on that.

So far I've gotten 2.8GHz on this XP-M but just bootable, freezes on running prime95 or any kind of bench and I put the boards max of 2.225 Vcore through it

Currently during the day I hit 32C idle and 42C full load

At night it's like 28C idle and 40C full load

I want that full load to come down more than anything. If I could somehow get it into the teens idling and low 30's full load that'd be pretty good IMO.

Also I have a tornado on the heatsink so the thing is LOUD and whiney especially when cranked so this is another reason I've decided to go the WC route.

My setup will have 2 rads one ontop of the other on the rear of the case as intakes though not exhaust, so I'm pulling in the cool room air and not preheated case air and to compensate make every other fan exhaust.

How high you gonna take you CPU, Nubuis?
No clue, at this point I'm hoping to simply be able to lower the Vcore on my 24/7 use speed of 2.5GHz

I really don't expect it to miraculously be able to hit 3GHz or anything but that'd be nice

I bet you'll set a tech forums record
As far as XP-M's go I think I have it with the 2.8GHz, not 100% on that though.
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I wish I had water cooling

-Dan The Man
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I thought it was a really good idea...but would that cause a risk for condensation?
that prolly depends. we dont know how exactly he set it up. but i would guess the the connections on the blocks on the cpu and stuff have a pressur limit, so he prolly couldnt run it as hard as u think.. and remember, by the time the water gets pumped threw the pluming into the house, its no longer 58F. unless its a very short distance.
just my thought...

wouldnt it be cheaper and easyer, just to get a cheap Air Conditioner, and have it blow directly into the side of ur case? u could even just cut a proper size hole on the side pannel, and channel the AC output directly into it.

may even be more effective then liquid, since u can bring case temp down to prolly anything ur surching for. only thing is u'd have to un-overclock ur comp if u move it or the AC away.
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I got watercolling, and it is awsome. Granted, I'm still at 100F with it, but it is a rather cheap water cooling sdystem. Thermaltake Aquarius II. I know someone ealier said they have it, do you like it? I have only one radiator and use the basic waterblock for it. If I added a second radiator and got a new (better) waterblock it would run alot cooler. My buddy has a water cooling suystem that is pretty elaborate (It's external, I'm not sure which one it is though) and his CPU is at a cooool 86F steady.

Nubius, as far as you go, there are a few things to take into consideration when installing it:

Remember to set it up outside of the machinre and let it run for a while so as it can flush itself out. Anythign else, I'm sure the manual can tell you or you already know.

One big thing that alot of people overlook and many do not know what to do about it, is vaporlock. That is a terrible thing. If you do not know what it is, it is when there is a very large airbubble in the system the is completely obstructing waterflow. There is a certain way of setting things up in order to easily avoid vapor lock, and, as you know from some of my other posts, I am not the greatest at putting some instructions into words. If I were there, I would be able to show you. The easiest thing to do to avoid that is to get someone that knows fluid systems well. If you know your fluid systems, or saying to yourself "I already know all this crap" than just ignore me. But I dont know if you knwo it all so I'm telling you.

What I would do is get several radiators (at least 2). Get a GPU coller, and a chipset cooler. I cannot recommend what types of waterblocks, as I still have the stock one and have yet to do my research on better ones as the funds are lacking. www.overclockers.co.uk is a real good site for people who are doing any sorts of extreme cooling.

Also, dont eliminate your case fans. You still need airflow, as there are small components that need to be cooled that are not connected to the system.

I'm a big faan of having my system as cool as possible. I do not even OC, but I stilll have 11 or 12 case fans AND the watercooling system.

Good luck in your venture.

The air conditioner thing, it would not be cheaper. Easier depends on the person. Think about it... How much would it cost to run an air conditioner at all times when your computer is on? That racks up really quick. There are small A/C units that you can put in your computer to cool it. When AMD first hit 1ghz, they used an internal A/C system. I would assume that it is very expensive though.
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Remember to set it up outside of the machinre and let it run for a while so as it can flush itself out
Yeah I'm going to let it run for 12 hours to check for leaks. Every review I've read suggested atleast that long so I'm definitely not going to skimp out on that.

Also, I'm not going to get a chipset water block because I have a rather sufficient aftermarket NB cooler. The Microcool Northpole chipset cooler. Solid copper block with an 8500RPM fan so that's good for now.

And my card is only a FX 5700 so I'm not going to bother with a GPU block for now, perhaps once/if I get a better card and better and more comfortable with the liquid cooling setups it will be an option.

I have 2 rads. They will be one stacked on the other as intakes, and I never said I would get rid of the rest of my case fans, lol not at all, I still want all the other components, I'm simply will have to make ALL of them exhaust lol because the 2 120mm's will be pushing in over 160+ CFM so I will need the rest as exhaust to compensate.

Regarding vapor lock, don't I simply have to just make sure the system is full of liquid with absolutely no air bubbles or are you more talking along the lines of something happening when the water level starts to get low?

Also at www.dfi-street.com this guy "CPU Killer" is appearantly top dawg around there as far as liquid setups go and he gave me quite a few links to read from to gain some knowledge in this whole ordeal.

You worded that fine Him lol, no misunderstandings there

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