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When I put a new PSU in and my mdb suddenly erupted a small electrical fire near the PSU power socket.

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Originally posted by foreverxyoung
lol thanks alex thats the first time somebody flamed me...for a stupid reason 2. =/

Yeah it was completely uncalled for I'm sorry. Just under a lot of frustration/stress right now. And most of it isn't even from this recent issue.

Sorry to involve you.

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haha no harm feelings, we all had our bad days... sory for ur 6800 gt T_T.
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i built mine on the carpet, lined all the parts across it no probs yet
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Yeah that's why I'm scared to get a 200gb hard drive, cause if you wanted to back it up you're kind of screwed unless you have another one, but then thats requiring 2 expensive HD's, one just for backup, one just for storage =/

But yeah I tinker in my computer on the carpet, cause there's no where else that isn't, but yeah I also make sure I'm not wearing socks and grip the metal bar in my case and generally hold onto it and make 100% sure I'm grounded.

Never fried a board or anything from carpet, only cause of that damn multimeter
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well, i took apart my dad's p3 800, straight down to the processor...he was gone on vacation at the time....put it back together...dead screen...*uh oh*....he came home...i lied...said i started it up and the screen just stayed black....i was in grade 9 at the time...hahaha

i took it apart a couple of weeks ago though (i'm 20 now by the way) and put it back together, reset cmos and got it workin'....hd's messed now though so i need a different one.

one about my actual computer...
brother was takin' a shower, didn't put the curtain inside the tub...water was spillin' out...down the ac/heating duct...leaked onto my computer.....water got inside a little bit..i let it dry, took it apart, took a rag to the parts, put it back together and it started up.....*phew*

oh ya...i lost over 2000 mp3's the other week due to a hd crash....oh ya!!!

oh ya, i hooked up that p3 800 too a coupe weeks ago...i used the broken psu cable..forgot it was messed up...moved it a bit...holy hell it was the forth of july!!! damn sparks burned right though the cable and started shootin' out....so i grabed the cable and yanked it out within' like a second....

heh, my buddy say's i'm great with computers....but i've got some bad luck.....
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lmfao i like th forth of july one haha
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Default Re:


Well I have experienced mostly physical disasters with computers...two of disasters...

One slightly halarious one, happened in the warm days of summer. I purchased a new, cheap brand LCD monitor, but then with great disappointment, discovered dropped pixels. Following that, I endured a week of battling with PC World, as they refused to replace my monitor.

After a successful refund, I instead, purchased a Samsung SyncMaster 15" LCD TFT. It operated fine, clear screen, bright and colourful, good resolutions and refresh rates. But after one week of use, I realised that it also had (in a diagonal row), dropped pixels! However, under closer examination with a microscope, I discovered very shockingly that the dropped pixels seemed to be shifting north ...Then it hit me :amazed: ! I wasn't suffering from dropped pixels, but a parasitic thunder fly nesting within the screen. I left the screen for several days, thinking that the thunder fly would disappear...but I was wrong . Instead, once again under the microscope, I discovered several more dropped pixels far south... another thunder fly!

Now I guess it is kind of my fault , for situating the monitor right in front of my patio doors, in direct warmth. But I found that the thunder flies were attracted by the bright, light leakage at the top air vent of the monitor- something of a design floor I think.

Although that wasn't too disastrous, my second experience was somewhat disastrous. I suffered from an exploding and smoking PC once before...an old one. I discovered that I had overloaded it, for the PSU was smoking and smelt of burnt hair. Somehow a capacitor managed to burst and shoot out from a PSU vent ...it had me diving to the floor!

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Yeah i've got a pretty bad one. I was building a highend gaming PC for a friend of mine. I had the CPU, MEMORY and MOBO installed the case.
I was removing the panels to install the DVD/CD drives. And I must have cut my finger on those metal plates that are (SUPER) sharp, that you have to remove in some cases. Well, the cut was so clean and quick that I didn't even know i was cut. It was actually pretty deep. As I took my hand out of the inside of the case to grab a screw driver i noticed the blood running down my wrist.... OH NO....

I look into the case... Sure enough... There were large drops of blood all over the MOBO... A lot of blood on the memory and some on the fan and heatsink.

I was able to clean the Fan & HS - but I didn't want to chance it with the MOBO and memory... That little cut on my finger cost me about 350.00 out of my own pocket....

It really sucked...
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omg thats horrible- what metal plates are you talking about though?

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