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Default what's the normal tempatures for a PC are mine too hot?

First off nice place second I hope I put this in the right area.

I am wondering if my PC is too hot and I need fans my video card is running at about

51c and my CPU is running at 51c I have a ATI Radeon 9000 pro 128 my CPU is a amd

2400+ anybody that helps thanks

Edit if it is too hot what kind of fans should I get for the video card and the CPU?

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seems about average for a amd processor.

check new egg for after market heatsynk/fans, look at the reviews...that kind of thing. i'm sure someone will recoomend a good one though in this thread....

arctic silver thermal paste between the processor and heatsynk does wonders as well.

that was for the cpu...not really into the the video card coolin'....but seems that 51 for a video is very well.???
correct me if i'm wrong people....

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video cards get much hotter than CPU's...todays newer cards hit 85C like nothing.

for a 2400+ XP your temps seem fine especially if it's stock cooling. Whats your full load temp though that's more important than idle.

If it's hitting 60C technically it's fine, but I'm anal about those sort of things and would atleast try to get it down to 55C or lower
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Those temps are ok

Personally since you have components that are not worth much anymore, your far better off simply using them how they are, and if they overheat so be it.
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I've started OCing a X800XT PE from 520/560 to 550/600 - my temps are now running 60-65 in LOAD "DOOM 3" monitored by rivatuner. I'm using a ATI Silencer 4 & AS5 to cool it.
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lol DJ, not everyone needs a high performance machine. so i bet a lot of variouse ppl would value a 2400+. i know the 2400+ is better then what im using right now.

*DJ-CHRIS Gets added to his list*

LoneWolf - your ambient room temperatur is also improtant info when talking about cpu temp. becuase if your cpu is 51*c in a 65*F room. it will be something like 61*c when the room is 80*F , witch would be something like 68*c full load. (i used *F for room temp, because im in America and thats how the weather is reported, and im just use to estimating with it)

when i assembled a xp 3000, i used this cheapo masscool hsf ( http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=FAN-5T321B ) and Arctic silver 5. and the 3000 ran at 34*c at 60*F room temp, and 45*c at 75~80*F room temp.

i dont know what the stock HSF looks like for an AMD, because i got that cheap masscool, but i bet it looks pritty similar. you could probablyl just lower your cpu temperatur by removing and cleaning off the Thermal Pad that was used, and apply Arctic Silver 5 instead.
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Wow you guys are the ****. Seriously thanks for all the help will do hell I would upgrade

My system to an AMD 64 I even already have the new operating system but the reason I

Haven’t is because my friend said a lot of programs didn’t work on it did a little bit of

surfing the web and found a lot of issues and a lot of guys showed me the new 64bit OS

and it looks just like windows pro the same but I guess it supports the 64bit chip but a lot

of programs don’t run plus there’s the fact that I wouldn’t really use it since I don’t play

most of the games that are out today mainly because I don’t care for them much I just like

my 2ghz I guess. Wow really that’s normal strange it seems so damn hot to me ill do

what you guys said to do with the paste thanks again.
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you dont need the 64bit windows if you have a 64 bit cpu.
so, umm, err yeah
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I'm running an AMD 2000+ w/ stock cooling. I get 48 idle, 44 case.

Doing video conversion I got it up to 55C, but that's the highest that I have seen (I usually don't run MBM).

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OK im behing times when the hell did a 64bit OS come out i thought longhorn was goign to... but maybe ive been away for too long lol.

Sometimes I wonder if I\'m enough a nerd to do this...

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