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Default Re: What was your first computer?

My first one was a 33mhz 486dx with 16mb ram and windows 3.1. i also have a TRS-80 that i bought at a flee market, its not my first computer, but its by far the oldest and most archaic one I've got. a whopping 1mhz MOS 6502 cpu with 16k ram and a cassette interface OH YEAH! CRYSIS HERE I COME!


<<<<<<<Rep is always welcome
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Default Re: What was your first computer?

Aging thread I know.

My first computer that I owned was a badass Dell. It had a huge 12GB HDD with a slamming 433Mhz Celeron CPU and a whopping 512MB of RAM and a very nice 16" monitor. It had Windows 98SE. I was the first on my block to run at 1024x768 res. . ****, it only cost $1400. I'll sell it to you for $1200. :happy:

But seriously, this computer was the bomb a long time ago. Now it struggles to run Debian. The computer I built in my sig only cost me $700ish.

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Default Re: What was your first computer?

512mb of ram? thats quite a lot for a system that old
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Default Re: What was your first computer?

My first computer (back in 1995-ish...I was 5 lol) was our family HP Pavilion 5030. It originally had a Pentium 75MHz, 4MB DRAM, 768MB HDD, 4X "High Speed" CD-ROM, "High Speed" 14.4kbps ISA Data/Fax modem, integrated sound, 15", 1024x768 CRT monitor, and Windows 95. It also had some weird "HP Personal Page", some sort of weird interface to get the "new computer user" into a false sense of simplicity...my mom wouldn't even use the Windows desktop for a long time. But I loved that PC, I used it to play all kinds of games. Even "high graphics" 2d Sonic-and-Mario-like games ran smoothly.

...And now it hosts my web page (after upgrading the CPU to a 133MHz Pentium, adding more RAM so I now have 40MB, replacing the HDD with a 2GB, adding a PCI Ethernet card, and replacing the 4X CD-ROM with a 24X CD-ROM). It's still a steady running PC today...I guess they don't make 'em like they used to, as most of my newer PC's have had more serious failures than a bad HDD.

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Default Re: What was your first computer?

Packard Bell (Legend?) with a 5.25" floppy and some ancient version of MSDOS. Even had a turbo button on it. I think it was a 386. Oh the speed. I was just a kid back then, so I don't remember the exact specs. All I knew how to do was play Space Quest 3.
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Default Re: What was your first computer?

commador amiga!!! don't remember too much about it.. but it sure played gold rush without any lag
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Default Re: What was your first computer?

Just recently my friend gave me a Pentium 133 PC that he bought at a yard sale and didn't need...he then gave me a Pentium 200MHz MMX processor out of another junk PC he bought...the computer has a turbo button as well as a MHz counter, but neither of them work (the turbo button isn't hooked up and the counter always says 88, but it's not hooked to anything other than power).

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Default Re: What was your first computer?

I had a Commadore 64 - if anyone remembers those.

But as far as a PC... An IBM-Compatible 286, with 1MB of ram!!! I think it had 64MB of hdd space.
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Default Re: What was your first computer?

Some 386 in 97 probably had like 32 to 65 mb of ram and a 1gish HDD. Dont remember much of the specs cos i was only 6 at the time, but i loved playing them dos games!! **** they ruled!!.

Oh yeah and most of you guys have mentioned startcraft on this thread, AND starcraft2 IS COMING OUt. probably next year though!.

And then 10 years after stacraft2, i will start another "what was your first pc thread" And you can mention all this.
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Default Re: What was your first computer?

Originally Posted by 13owman View Post
My first was an IBM ps2 with a 33 Ghz Cpu maybe 2 megs of ram and a whole 10 gigs of hard drive space.

lol, the bold says it all!


had to point that out, dont think any one else caught it yet.

anyways, pretty good system, hdd seems a lil out of place tho. a 33mhz cpu, taking a guess, probaly has a 33mhz fsb with a multi of 1x, the 2mb of ram fits in there with the cpu, but the hdd, a 10 gig? thats wayyy out of place. did it even address the full 10gigs? was it running 3.1, or 95?

eh, i got a amd 133 with 16mb of ram and a 3.2gb hdd, paired with a 20something speed cd, a 3.5floppy and a gigantic 5" or whatever it is floppy drive. lol. not my first, but definetly the oldest in the house right now

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