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Old 07-18-2005, 06:02 AM   #11 (permalink)
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a lotta people are already confused with the dual cores, they're like, how come this one is 2.8 Pentium D is more expensive than the 3.4 GHZ processor?

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Intel is smart enough to have marketing, unlike AMD.

AMD has the second worst marketing I know of.

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I say they set up a bunch of bench mark programs and get the speed that the processor can perform at like boot time, file copying time, rendering time, etc. And combine that to come up with a number like pentium X1000 or something. Smaller number but the X makes it sound cool
Don't see that happening though. They will probably just do something similar to AMD or make more use of their number system.
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Just use "INSTRUCTIONS per second" convention. Pretty much everyone in engineering circles use this. Might as well introduce it to the general public as well.

Shouldn't be too much effort if you just give this convention more exposure.
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Default Re: What will Intel do when......

Originally posted by pc_boy
Ok, since you all know it's the end of "the gigahertz war", and both Intel is gonna start focusing more on architecture than frequency (eg. 3.8GHZ intel is crap, and the 2.8 and 3.2GHZ are outperforming it) I wonder how are they gonna convince the ppl, who are still looking at "GHZ", that "this chip is better than that". AMD is alredy naming them 3200+ for example, but what's intel gonna do?
Uhh because dumb people at retail stores convince everyone to get faster GHZ because it costs more and the store needs more money and they know everything about everything.
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i have a question for u guyz what does the 3200+ mean can anyone tell me that?
Intel has been around much longer and been much much more succesful i think theyll be able to come up with something
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Originally posted by timmer
i have a question for u guyz what does the 3200+ mean can anyone tell me that?
That means, that the processor is equivalent to Intel's 3.2 GHz processor.

I think Intel will come up with a new scheme, because look at their marketing. I'm sure they have a bunch of people at their headquarters or some other place thinking of the same thing, or they may already have decided what they're going to do, they're just waiting for the right time to implement it.
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Who cares if the stupid uninformed people still buy processors based on GHz? As long as we don't who gives a rats ***? Let them screw themselves over. Remember, if people stop buying intel because they think they are getting slower, they might buy AMD! And since apple is converting to intel, that will discourage them from buying apple as well, so they will have one choice left! AMD.
so, umm, err yeah
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Intel has been around much longer
Intel - circa 1968
AMD - circa 1969
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Lol, i have a AMD chipset network card somewhere.

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