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Default what could cause this???

i wasnt sure where to post this. i hope i got it in the right place. anyhow, i have a abit nf-7 mobo and had a athlon xp 2500 installed on it running stock. everything worked fine and i never had a bit of troubles. i just yesterday fininshed installing my motherboard and other components into a new case and installed a new cpu as well. i now have a athlon xp 2600 mobile. for the most part everything works fine but i am having a couple probs.
the first problem happens when i first boot up. it shows my cpu speed, recognizes that im in dual channel, but when it gets to where it detects the ide devices it sometimes locks up. i can generally get it to boot up by killing the power from the psu and rebooting. it sometimes takes a few tries but it will eventually boot up.
the second problem occurs later. after a fresh install of xp everything works fine (except for the ide detection) at first. however, once i begin to load programs back on and setup my msn internet i begin to have probs shortly after. in my system tray all my icons for virus prog, firewall, etc. come up like they should but it seems to be having problems detecting my network device. my computer isn't networked and it takes a very long time for the little pic of the computer with an X through it to display in my sys. tray. i can't do anything or load and programs until it displays it in the tray. ive tried disabling the network device and that didnt help.
ive never had any problems like this when i had the xp 2500 installed and once i get past these two probs everything seems to run just fine. any ideas as to whats goin on? is it possibly the mobo, or the processor, or perhaps just a setting or driver that needs to be changed? these are the same drivers i used on the previous settup with the xp 2500 installed.

thanks in advance

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You didnt install a mobile chip onto a desktop board did you?

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thats exactly what he said. he is using an xp2600-m. noremacyug besides the processor what other components did you install in addittion to the old components? was the network card the same as the last hardware configuration you had? what new IDE devices are there?

microbell is going to say this anyways so i will save him the trouble .....remove the motherboard from the case and put it on a flat surface on an anti-static bag, styrofoam block, ect. install only 1 stick of RAM, the CPU, and the video card so you can eliminate all the other factors. even if you still get the problem you can narrow down the cause.

btw, does it detect your processor speed correctly? have you tried to boot into safe mode without networking? what happens if you disconnect the network cable and boot up?
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MBD device drivers? ne specific IDE/PCI/AGP, etc drivers ... I know newer boards are pretty finicky
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sorry it took me this long to reply. i have it all fixed. turns out it was just a grounding issue. when i installed my thermalright sp-97 heatsink the metal backing plate interfered with one of the mounting post and i couldnt get a screw through it. so i took off the backing plate and ground the necessary amount off to allow it to clear. after that it had plenty of room and mounted correctly. so all is better now. thanks for all the help.
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