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Old 06-29-2004, 04:02 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Well, I got my new pc.. Few questions

Well, After being on the amd bandwaggon for a while, I finally realized that AMD isnt all that it is hyped up to be, when comparing it to the fact that Intel cpu's do not have the overheating problem like amd does, and although amd's generally have faster clock speeds, OC'ing an intel is alot more safer, considering the fact that with a 2.8ghz cpu i am running at 35-38 celcius idle, and with my 1.5ghz amd i was running 55c idle. But anyway, I am just very happy with my new cpu/mobo/ram..

I went from a:
1800+ Athlon 1.5ghz cpu
abit kr7 mobo
512 ddr 2100 ram
9600 XT
sound blaster audigy


P4 2.8C ghz HT
abit IS7 mobo
512 DDR400 ram
9600 XT (which now takes full advantage of my 8xagp mobo)
same soud card

but anyway, I got a bit out of subject here, I am not here to glorify my purchase or disrespect computer hardware companies, I mainly came to ask if HT technology from intel is an automatic feature, which cannot be enabled or disabled, that runs when cpu's have an overload (this is what I heard) or are toggle features (from the bios) which can be on or off?

And also, I know there are millions of threads and documents on how to overclock a cpu, but I was wondering if anyone knows if the IS7 series from Abit can handle OC'd cpu's well? and if the 2.8c overclocks well itself? and if so, how would I go about doing this? Thing is, I had a very old version of the BIOS with my old motherboard and things got a bit new with my cpu/mobo, so was wondering if anyone can give me some general tips..

Thanks in advance.

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Yes with proper cooling you could get that 2.8 to 3.6 ghz without a problem however i said proper cooling. Which means water cooling like the swiftech kit for 180. Also the hyper threading can be disabled in bios. Its on the main page. Theirs good overclocking help at. http://www.overclock.net/showthread.php?t=897

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It is all about the heatsink. AMD is alot better than Intel anyday for gaming, not to mention it is less expensive.
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Old 06-29-2004, 09:25 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Thanks for the info.

Before I fiddle around in my bios, I wanted to post my current info incase someone knew some sort of guidlines I can follow to reach 3.0 ghz (from 2.8), or maybe even 3.2.

My Idle temp is 38 celcius at stock speeds, voltages, etc..

Here are my bios specs:

CPU operating speeds 2800 (200)
Clock (cpu/agp/pci) 200/66/33 MHZ
Core voltage 1.5250
DDR Ram voltage 2.60
agp voltage 1.55
Multiplier is at 14

If I wanted to go, say 3.2ghz, would I go about increasing my multiplier from 14 to around 15.5 and increasing core voltage to 1.65? or is that too low?

and also, I noticed that I had HyperThreading disabled in my bios, I turned it on now, and am wondering when HT takes into effect? I heard a few stories, HT only starts to work when your cpu is under heavy load for a while, it then begins to speed up the cpu.. and also heard that ht is always on, and you automatically get an increased cpu speed..

Does HT being enabled increase your temp's? increase the actual multipliers and clockspeeds?

I would have searched and found these answers but i have checked various sites and only find "- HT technology increases your cpu speed!" and crap like that, no specific's..

_Abit IS7-E
_P4 Northwood 2.8C Ghz HT
_Kingston 512 DDR400 Ram [2x 256]
_Radeon 9600XT
_SoundBlaster Audigy
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anyone have any idea's?
_Abit IS7-E
_P4 Northwood 2.8C Ghz HT
_Kingston 512 DDR400 Ram [2x 256]
_Radeon 9600XT
_SoundBlaster Audigy
_Awesome looking white plain case with cool green and red power/HD lights, and a newely acquired Intel P4 sticker!
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HT does not increase CPU speed nor multiplier.

It simply "tricks" the computer to think that the single processor is actually two so it can "hyperthread" or do multiple processes more efficiently. Ex: Running Word and IE it will run each seperately on a different "processor".

And i have an AMD 64 3200+ which is smoking fast and does kinda suck for OCing (most i could get was 2.3, stock is 2.0) but runs at extremely cool temps with the stock heatsink/fan 34-35 idle 45-50 on extreme load (ut2004)

If your old AMD was running 55C on idle you most likely needed to adjust the HSF cuz you have not enough or too much thermal grease on it.

And back to the topic of Hyper Threading. I think it kinda sux. In benchmarks it has it's pros and cons. It can increase speeds sometimes but sometimes it scores lower than with it off. Just wait till AMD comes out with its TRUE 2 core CPU that doesn't need to pretend its 2 cpu's....because it is.

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Yes. Computers are unable to multi-task. No computer can multi-task unless it has multiple processors or a multi-threading technology, such as Intel's "Hyperthreading".

When multiple programs (processes) are open (ie - pretty much all the time) the computer is constantly switching to a program reading whats going on, then saving the information, then moving on to the next program - many times a second. When 2 processors or multi-threading is "on" it allows it to do this twice as fast (two processes at once)

Well, thats how I've always thought of it.
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If where u wuld have stuck to amd only.
hi everybody
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I just want to clear a few things up:
Athlon's run hotter yes, but they have a higher heat tolerance than Intel CPU's do
Intel P4's melt at about 60 degrees Celcius
Athlon XP's melt at about 80
overclocking both P4's and Athlon XP's is very easy for a lot of people; I have a friend who overclocked a 2500+ to a 3200+

AMD CPU's have lower clock speeds than Intel's do, but they can complete more instructions per clock cycle than P4's can so they perform as well with their lower clock speeds
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I overclocked my 2500+ to 2.362Ghz can't remember the numbers on it though, and it was running at like.. 42C

And unless they changed something, I always thought dual cpu (in windows) meant that one cpu was used until it was 100% and then it'd move to the next one, and that's why linux has a big advantage over windows for servers..

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