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Old 04-08-2005, 08:25 PM   #21 (permalink)
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How does this dis Intel?

If anything it was your friends fault for being a dumbass, or maybe even the mb manufacturer.

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The51, Intels run hot, thats the point.. Was that a Intel mobo also? If so fu2kz Intel twice...

Finished With TF.
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Intel motherboards suck.
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How can you say he isn't lieing nubius? Did you go to his house and stare at the BIOS screen and watch it hit 80C?
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Originally posted by uzi9mm
Intel motherboards suck.
For a mobo for an Intel CPU and not being overclocked, I have a fancy for them.

Both P4's I have owned had intel mobo's
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Default Re: Warning - Please Read - Don't Make This Mistake

Originally posted by HAVOC2k5

But, when removed and a new compound is use, it must be HIGH quality "Silver Oxide" Thermal Compound. Nothing Less then AS5. (Kinda common knowledge around here) but it just proves that Intel Continues to make crappy processors. LOL
Dude, so you are saying Intel makes crappy processors simply b/c ur buddy applied some random **** on the processor/HS and the temperature was high? Did you see what would happen if you applied the same crap on an AMD processor?

hmm.. next time add some crazy glue instead and see what happens. If the temperature reaches 100+ degrees, lets blame it on Intel yet again!

Just seems like a baseless Intel bashing thread to me........
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Originally posted by dale5605
How can you say he isn't lieing nubius? Did you go to his house and stare at the BIOS screen and watch it hit 80C?
Ok, my turn. I shall use logic and common knowledge.

Mr. Dale, Incase you haven't noticed...this isn't the media...you're not reading the newspaper nor are you listening to the news. You're on a computer/techonology related forum.....now that you know where you are....I shall continue.

It's a well known fact, and things like this happen all the time. It sounds completely logical, and lines up with all the other hardcore facts, and personal experience that I and many others have had with Intel's CPUs. Intel must have gotten you at a young age.

If Intel's CPUs were truly better than AMD's then heck yea I would go for Intel and not AMD, but being completely ignorant and siding with one company forever is completely ignorant, stupid, and foolish. A year ago I use to be a hardcore ATI fan, but now I have broadened my horizon, and I now have a PNY Verto Geforce FX5200 Ultra 128mb AGP 8x video card in my computer...a year ago...that would've never happened, and I have absolutely NO complaints about this card.....it works perfectly! Best bang for the buck imo.

I hate making long posts, so I'm gonna keep this short and with minimum name calling.

You should stop being a ignorant, little child who thinks that anything against his #1 company is a lie. I've dealt with many people like you(unfortunately), and I don't take any crap from them. Do the math....think on your own for once.....read reviews....get some personal experience.....basically...what I'm saying is...As a newb you have no right to accuse other people of lieing about something that is perfectly logical, and if you don't consider yourself a newb....then you should really think about seeing a shrink......as soon as you possibly can. Hopefully one day...you'll wake up and see the light.

Edit: Also, from what I'm hearing....P4s do run cooler than the Athlon 64s, and I'm sure if you used the same crappy goo on a Athlon 64 as you did on that P4 that the tempature would go up just as much.
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nubius, plz lock this thread, its gone on long enough.

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How can you say he isn't lieing nubius? Did you go to his house and stare at the BIOS screen and watch it hit 80C?
How can you say he IS lying? Did you go to his house and stare at the BIOS screen and watch it not hit 80C?

Easy to turn the same question around.

Chankama - I believe in terms of a prescott they do run ridiculously hot, especially if good care isn't taking seating the heatsink well and using good compound, and on that note, the way the prescott in particular was designed for heat is very poor.

hes no longer a mod he cant lock it
Well I believe I still have powers for today so considered it closed

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