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Old 12-07-2004, 08:51 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Exclamation Video Card Settings... Help!

Hey guys, i have an Fx5200, and i have been messing around with the settings. I found somethign with the monitor to where i can change the Hertz, it was at 75 but i changed it to 85,I also had the "only show suppported "checked so i know 85 herts is supported. Will this make games or what not run better, also i found this area in the nvidia advanced options and it said Antialiasing settings and there was a checkbox that said application controlled, if that was checked i could control nothing, but when i unchecked it it gave me the options of Off, 2x, 2xQ, 4X and 8XS. Does this have anything to do with the AGP slot speed? Basically im trying to find out what will make this card run at top notch and if its gonna hurt my computer. So i have it set to 85 herts from 75 and i have set the Antialiasing settings set to 8XS turned on. So, can ppl tell me what these do, if they are going to hurt my computer @ current settings, if they help me run better, and if they make any difference. I changed it to 8XS and doom 3 ran EXTREMELY Slow on LOW quality compared to when i had it put on application controlled. Thanks alot for the help guys!

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The hertz that's your refresh rate for your monitor and higher could be better and no that can't really harm your computer but I'm not sure about the other stuff...


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AA and AF make things look much sharper and better but they greatly slow down unless you have a great card,
basically they are not meant for 5200s like yours and mine, even overclocked, also 85hz is the refresh rate, basically how fast its sends new frames to your monitor, also another setting to make things skip less and look better, but much slower.
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The rest of the stuff is for image quality. The higher you set the anti-aliasing it will improve image quality by a little bit BUT as you could tell will greatly change performance on low quality cards. I have a 4200 ti and if I touch those and run a newer games it's like watchin a slide show.
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Hey guyz, for LCDz u don't need to have the monitor refresh all the time. HAHA

hey, just looking @ ur specs, 250Watt PSU is weak 4 ur system man. Check some 400-450WATT on
Samsung QX410 notebook <-- lol, I'm always on the go these days :(
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i see no 250w here? who?
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screen refresh rate of your monitor works independently of your System, lower it is, mmore flicke your screen will do. and at higher rate which is 85 Hz typical @ 1024X768 on 17 inch monitor, it will show up the screen smooth, no lesser stress on your eyes as well. so make it 85. (never uncheck the supported screen rates) as it will show u upto 120Hz, and you'll hear strange noise and ur screen will turn black. you will end up in sweat, horrified for few moments.

as far as Anti-Aliasing is concerned. in simple words, say you draw a curve in paint shop, if its anti-aliased, its edges will be smooth, and of not, you'll see micro saw like edges of the curve.

so in same way, graphic Procesors smoothens the lines of images, objects while rendering them. the more AA you give, the more work a graphic processor has to do to achieve that level of AA (like what u did was smoothing 8 times the original by selecting 8X). it wont harm your graphic card in any sense. but it definately will slower down the speed of graphics rendering as you are putting more load on the graphic processor.

where application preference means that the application wil decide based on your graphic processor power, that how much it will smoothen the objects, higher end graphic card you havem higher will be AA ratre as selected by the application and vice verca.

infact, in very high end graphic cards, the application might have chosen the same rate of AA as the graphic card have it at highest. so keep it @ Application prefernce.

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