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Old 12-07-2004, 08:17 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Ultra Sharp LCD or 19" CRT

Hello all, I have been doing some research on the above mentioned topic and I am still not sure which one I am going to be getting with my new box. I have read the pros and cons of each monitor and would like some advice. As of right now I am going to be using the monitor just like everyone else, i.e surfing the web. Am not a gamer and very soon I will be most likely using the monitor for some digital video editing and eventually a media center pc. With all the pros and cons of each, has today's LCD's technology come "up to par" with the current CRT's in regards to "true color clearity" and "pixelation? I basically want something that brings the clearest picture and I am assuming most will say the crt. Here is my choice

A: Ultra Sharp 17" LCD Flat Panel Monitor (D@ll)
B: Standard CRT 16" viewable or 18" viewable.

Let the voting begin!
thanks for any help!


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Old 12-07-2004, 08:23 AM   #2 (permalink)
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CRT, no doubt. There are only few reasons to get an LCD: space, weight, power consumpsion.

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ok, i have had both. an lcd is if u want to look cool and have a very up 2 date room. but if u want performance and clarity i suggest getting a crt go with the 18" because a 16 would just hinder ur proportins and stuff and 18 is just the right size but i wouldnt go bigger. lcd is to complicated, with an lcd u have to adjaust the screen everytime u set down because u will be in a different posiition, if u want to spend alot of money go buy a 20" plasma lol. well crt is the best to go with for clarity

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i used to have a crt

it makes ur room get mad hot

and screws ur eyes up,makes em strained

now i have lcd,dont experience those anoying probs
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There used to be a big difference between CRT's and LCD's. Now, it's getting harder and harder to choose. Mainly, CRT's are going to have a cheaper price-tag, but that's swiftly becoming the only real difference.

After switching to a LCD, I'll never go back. You can get them with excellent picture quality, excellent refresh rates, with features your old CRT never had!

Plus you can't really do this with CRT's:

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However the higher quality lcd's that can compete with the crt have a large price tag. I would like to get two lcd's but the price is much more than I would like to pay.

Where as with a crt you can buy a good one cheap now and if lcd's pass up the crt in a year or so you can buy one of those, because you saved money when going for the crt before.
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Don't know about that. I mean, you could get a great 17" LCD for under $500, and an average one for close to $400. LCD's are especially good if you're doing two (or more ) monitors, as two CRT's suck up a LOT of space.

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i would go for the LCD, just because i have had both and love my LCD ten times more than my CRTs (which are all flat screens). the LCD looks great, sharp, bright, good color, it's lightweight, space saving, and all my family goes "ooh, you have an LCD screen, kewl"
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Just go with the CRT. You'll thank me later

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