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Default Re: amd vs intel?

Originally posted by regeisle
Is it worth it to "prepare" for the future and go with the new cheap 64 chip and use it for 32-bit apps for time being? I use my system for graphic deisgn (not much 3d). Which is a better bet?
regeisle i have much experience in graphics and my advice to you is buy the best deals currently. with computers it is not practical to "plan for future". by the time technology takes another leap you will be planning to buy a new computer. going your route only leaves you with empty pockets

you say not much 3D? if you work with graphics long enough you will be experimenting in 3D eventually. i would suggest if you are buying now get a XP2500 and a good motherboard, even a cheap biostar nforce2 mobo works well with that cpu.

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Damn XT, if you really think the amount of ghz is what counts for a fast processor, You've got some learning to do.
Tell me then, why would you pay more for a p4 then a celeron when they both run at the same speed.
Even better, why the hell would i pay more the $7000 for Intel Itanium processor when it's only running at 2.1ghz

Intel has made the best chips for a really long time and AMD was the only one to be able to compete with the dominance of Intel. I think AMD being the underdog for a couple of years made them hongrier then ever to topple Intel. I think that time has come.
I also think Intel will have an answer very soon and it will kick AMDs ***, but not for long.
Look at what happened with NVIDIA and ATI, same deal. ATI took over the lead with the RADEON 9800 pro, lost it from the FX series that NVIDIA released shortly after they were beaten and ATI is now back on number one with the RADEON 9800 pro XT. Ever since ATI toppled NVIDIA they had a more respected place in the graphics card market and became equal to NVIDIA.

AMD is also for an opportunity like that and the Athlon 64 may very well the answer.

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first of all its clock speeds and i didn't say they did now did i. It maters about design and mainly catch. You have a lot to learn about reading dont you.
read this u idiot from my first post.
Then amd comes along with there limited 2.2ghz trying to compete with intels superior 3ghz and guess what IT DOES. Its mainly because of amds design which is the reason it runs hotter than intel.
Sit down....................
design is mainly why the durons(high end) can compare to the celeron. even though they have lower fsb/ clock speeds REaD FIRST BEFORE POSTING
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well amd is way better over p4 gameing wise plus the athlon is around 440 and its not going to drop since there is no compition at this point

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