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Default A tad amusing

I wasn't exactly sure where to put this thread, but I figured this forum was appropriate enough, but feel free to move it somewhere else if you feel there is a better spot for it.

Anyways, just for ****s and giggles I figured I would send an email to futureshop customer, which is probably the largest chain electronics stores in Canada, probably the equivelent of a Best Buy or Circuit City.

The following is the original message I sent to them, nearly a month ago.

Dear Futureshop,

I have been looking at the computer parts and prebuilt computers that
are stocked within your store located in Ajax, as well as in your web
store, and it has raised my eyebrows as to the number of
configurations and new technologies and hardware which you don't seem
to stock in any of your stores.

I found it quite suprising that such a reputable, large scale store
that has labeled themselves as "futureshop" would not carry 10,000 RPM
hard drives, newer ATi and nVidia cards such as the 6800GT Ultra,
Radeon x800 and x850, DDR533 memory, and other new, high end
technologies. Your prebuilt computers do not even feature dual hard
drives, let alone any set up in any sort of RAID array, and you do not
have any computers utilizing nVidia's SLI technology.

Also, your selection of high quality, high performance parts seems to
be rather low. You don't seem to stock a large variety of cases and
cooling solutions, which are essential to preventing damage to
equipment, and you don't even carry some brands that are by far
superior to the products you are currently selling, such as Corsair
and Samsung for memory, Antec for power supplies, Lian Li for cases,
Abit, DFI and MSI for motherboards, and Seagate for hard drives.
Surely you want your customers to recieve the parts that will provide
them with the best performance, and these brands I have listed above
are all very reputable in both the technically literate world, and in

In addition to these rather bizzare trends, you seem to retail your
hardware much higher than smaller, local computer hardware businesses.
Surely such a large, trusted and reputable retail company such as
yourselves could slash your prices down to meet these much smaller

I am perfectly well aware of your price match gurantee which matches
the price of anything retailed lower plus 10% pf the difference, but
that does not give an excuse to attempt to sell something that is
ridiculously overpriced compared to other stores.

Basically, are you aware that you are not supplying your costumers
with the best parts and configurations availible to provide the best
performance? If so, why are you so reluctant to stock and sell these
new technologies? Are your technicians not qualified enough to
understand a simple RAID 1 array?

Thank you for your time in reading this, it has just extremely puzzled
me as to why the largest and probably most trusted computer hardware
source in Canada is not offering new technology (some of which has
been availible for months!) to its costumers.


And just today, I recieved a response from somebody of the name of Steve.

Dear Byron,

Thank you for your email.

We appreciate any feedback that will allow us to improve the service we provide consumers. Please be assured that we are currently re-evaluating all processes and procedures regarding our stores and web site. Also, we are assessing the functionality of our web site to ensure it is more user friendly.

Again, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we hope you will allow us the opportunity to provide you with improved service in the future.

We would like to thank you for shopping at futureshop.ca. Should you have further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-663-2275 or email websupportcan@futureshop.com.


Customer Care
Future Shop
I found it hilarious that something that took nearly a month to reply to was such an incredibly vague response that didn't even answer my questions. When I first read it, I thought that it was some sort of automated reply system, but I was shocked to find that it had apparently been written by an actual person! It honestly don't think they even read it, or they read it, spent a couple of weeks thinking about how to reply to it, and then finally sending a sugar coated reply that didn't have anything to do with anything!

Anyways, I figured you guys could use a laugh, and I suppose it's a bit of lesson in just how much big box computer chains care about service. :P

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Send a message via AIM to Zeeg

Well, when i Emailed Valve with my HL2 problem, they didn't reply till a month later!


My (Dell) PC
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Sounds like a canned response - a cut and paste.

Cool pic Zeeg...
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Yeah what GSB said. Sounds like he was just assigned to reply to you, opened up his pretyped document file and pasted it to ya. How lame. Just like when I e-mailed ASUS about my vid card not workin in their mobo last april they said

"Graphics cards are becomin more powerful. You need to new card. We suggest you send card back to manufacturer


......yeaaaah, I bought an MSI and the card worked flawlessly...

gotta love it
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ive always had trouble with future shop. i bought a vcr 2 years ago for 40 dollars and it broke after the first try, i lost a movie too, cause it was stuck inside! then i purchased a printer and the guy wouldnt let me exchange it when it didnt work. i live in windsor, the one sucks here. cds are overpriced (its not like you can find any good cd at any cd store anyways, indie rock!) anyways, yeah

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