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eviscero 01-06-2005 04:42 AM

Strange Video Corruption **Update**
Hey all,


I went back and installed Cataylst 4.11 drivers and the problem has gone away. Appearently, Cat 4.12 drivers are hosed. I'll still leave the below text for records.


I started having the problem about 4 days ago and its really frustrating. I'm getting horrible video corruption. I have eliminated the monitor as a suspect.

What happens is I get these strange green lines all over the screen. They don't appear unless I'm running a game (UT, UT2k4, WWIIOL) and will continue to corrupt the display even after I shut down the game.

It is sporatic in nature as it appears and disappears seemingly at random.

Yet, most of the times, while in a game, I can CTRL ALT DEL to bring up the task manager and it will temporarly clear the corruption.

In addition to gaming, some of my desktop icons have a purple hue to them or parts of the icon image. If I erase the shortcut and recreate it, the icon returns to normal.

Here are some images of the problem.

I've reinstalled drivers & Dx9c already although I must say I havent updated the BIOS (i have to open the case and find PCB rev...too late for that now). The BIOS rev isnt that old though.

WinXP Pro SP2
AMD XP 2800
1.5 MB PC2700 RAM
ATI 9700

What do you think?

psydesign 01-06-2005 04:46 AM

i think your graphics card is about to go to the land of nuts and bolts aka the scrap yard.
have you tried taking out the card and cleaning it? also is the card running hot? fan still running?

eviscero 01-06-2005 06:20 AM

Yea, the fan is still running. I took it out, cleaned it and resat the card.

I guess its OTW out. S.o.B.

Ok..maybe this time around I will try Nvidia cards.

Recommend one if ya will.

Alex81388 01-06-2005 07:18 AM

What game is the second pic?

Cappy 01-06-2005 07:30 AM

see if any info is at the ATI site "Support"

eviscero 01-06-2005 11:54 AM


Originally posted by Alex81388
What game is the second pic?
That game is Unreal Tournament 99. One of my all time fav.

PK* 01-06-2005 12:07 PM

I wouldn't toss the card just yet, and certainly wouldn't start an ATI hate-trip because of your experience, and this is coming from someone that uses NVidia.

Think back to the time you first noticed it and see if you can remember anything you added or installed that may have had an impact. Also make sure that when you reinstall your ATI drivers to completely clean out the system of old drivers before adding the new. Many times I've had problems related to leftover drivers.

Being that your system was running fine and this happened all of a sudden out of nowhere, I would suggest contacting ATI and dealing with them directly although I'm not sure on when you puchased the card and their warranty.

I'm having my own problems lately and the only thing that has kept me from putting a bullet in my head is the RMA option. Definately take advantage of it if it's still available.

I hate when people suggest this option to me but have you tried a format? It looks like your using msstyles themes on your desktop, possibly a conflict there?

Good luck.

p.s. UT2004 is better.

Python1564 01-06-2005 12:59 PM

r u using a CRT monitor? or LCD?

eviscero 01-06-2005 04:44 PM

I am using a flat CRT and yes UT2k4 is better. I play both :) Old UT habits die hard.

I havent tried a format...this format is only 30 days old so something either got corrupt last week or hardware failure. I have seen a slight increase in CPU/Mobo tempatures (+10deg) where Modo = 100F & CPU 140F after over an hour of gaming. Still, these are within tolerances.

I think I might install an os on another drive, update the bios and see what path that leads me down.

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