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Old 05-19-2005, 11:05 PM   #31 (permalink)
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Originally posted by DJ-CHRIS
That's why you dont fix CRT's
Yep, you don't fix CRT's, you replace them with LCD's.


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your body fat can affect your resistence, making fat ppl more susceptible to static shock. in shape high muscel densitiy ppl will be less susceptible to static.

also if you sweat a lot, or your hands are always dirty or greasy. that can probably cut resistence nearly in 2, making you more susceptible to static shock.

a Static shock doesnt work on its own, 1st component is you and your clothing that has built up static from everyday activitys. 2nd component is in this case the computer part witch is static free. Pretend Static electrons are on a Weight scale, and pretend that what thy like to do is keep the scale ballenced. So your on one end of the scale weighing that side way down, and the pc part is on the other end suspended high in the air by the other end of the scale.

if you were to touch a component on the pc part, the scale would instantly equallize so you and the component carry the same ammount of static electrons. and however many thousands of electrons you built up on your body over the day have now just zapped the computer part.

i forget how high you can build up static, but its much higher then the 12v that 'senseless' used to zap his mobo.

i know its possible for some to build up static to somewere in the thousand volt range.

im more muscular then fat, and dont sweat unless its hot, but i use a wrist strap. though i could prolly do without, since i dont work on pc's as often as ppl who's job it is to do so. but better safe then sorry is my opinion, especially if its my own equipment that i wont to remain in working order.

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you should just touch your cpus casing even if it is off... this way you give off static electricity... as you can notice you ge grounded when you accidentally touch the back part of your cpu.. .this is beacuse your cpu's ground is in its case... so no need to use anti static wristbands.. that is if you dont have one ...
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yapeeyapee - you know you might be under a diff user name, but if you act the same every time u reregister? whats the point?

note- everyone should ignore this thread crapper, if he isnt banned already.
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Cars are grounded, its just the paint that covers it, hentz why when installing an amp or amps in my case, you have to grind down the paint first.

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Originally posted by jolancer
i forget how high you can build up static, but its much higher then the 12v that 'senseless' used to zap his mobo.

If you feel the shock its around 2000v and if you can see the spark its somewhere between 3000-4000v..
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Wouldn't you be dead?

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It is not the volts that kill you. It is the AMP's.......................
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Lets us clear up a few misconceptions about static:

The reason that you are grounded when you touch your case is not because it is hooked to the ground in your house, but because of the metal in the case. There is enough in it to dissipate the static from you. The same is with a car. The metal in the frame is enough to dissipate the electricity from soemthing. That is why in a lightning storm you are "safe" in a car. not because of the tires, you would need about a mile of rubber for you to be safe because of them, but it is the metal frame. For the most part, the millions of volts from a lightning bolt would dissipate in the metal.

CRT's hold their charge for 2 weeks or so, not 30 minutes. And it is not the CRT, but the capacitors inside them that hold the charge. Those are mighty big capacitors, perfectly capable of killing a human being. There are ways of discharging those capacitors so they are safe to work with, but it is not advisable for the average joe. The same with TV's, the capacitors in them are the deadly parts. Also the same with a PSU, which is why it is never advisable to take one of those apart.

Like has already been stated, it is not voltage that kills you, it is amperes. .1 amp can knock you unconcious, while .2 can render you dead. Obviously it will differ from person to person, depending on body mass and the amount of voltage pushing them, among many other variables.

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