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Default Son wants to build computer

My son wants to build a computer. This will be his first build but I'am worried about getting the right components and my main concern is setting up the system like bios so everything works together. As of now he is looking at .

asus a8n sli deluxe MB

Amd 64 4000+ 1mb 90nm san diego 939 processor

1gb corsair ddr400 3200 c2 pro

as for hard drive he will be use his drive from the computer he has now and some other drives. Later set up a raid when he has more money.
If anybody can advise if it is worth building or have one made, it's something he's wanted to do for awhile. what he picked out so far any good. He's heavy into gaming He also said he would start with a 6600gt and add another later on. It just seems like a lot of money then to have problems with things like setting up the Bios I know he can put one together he has switched out a bunch of components with other systems. Any advise would help

Thanks havak

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You don't need to touch the bios when you build a computer. Maybe to get it to boot from the cd, but after that, unless you are fixing somethign or overclocking, accessing the bios is not needed. Also, that setup will cost lots of money. Like 2000 dollars. Good luck funding him .

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Want a good build? Check my sig. There is no need for the 4000+ san diego. the 3700+ is just fine and can be clocked as fast as the 4000+ if not faster on stock cooling (with as5 of course). Oh ya and get one 6800GT, not two 6600GTs.
so, umm, err yeah
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Your son has good taste, but consider a 6800 GT instead of 2 6600GTs.
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I don't think he wants to get into overclocking, because he is already worried about the BIOS setup. However, 003 is still right about the 4000+. It is a very good processor, but it is also almost unnecessary. The 3700+ would be just fine if he wants a San Diego core. I only have a 3000+ (which I did overclock) but it works great, and I play games like Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 (which use the most up-to-date graphics). The graphics depend on the graphics card pretty much. I don't know what you'd need a 4000+ for, but if there is a specific reason that it is needed, then go for it. Why would he sink money into a 4000+ and then buy a 6600GT if he is going to be gaming. Seems like he'd want to go the little extra bit to get a 6800GT. I don't know...

As for setting up the BIOS, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. You won't need to set anything up on it to get it working, unless of course you wanted to boot from a cd (like Hacp said). Also, if you're going to overclock in the future, you'd do it from the BIOS. You shouldn't have any worries man.

That RAM... I must be looking in the wrong spot because it says that it is upwards of $170. Seems a bit much for PC 3200 RAM unless he is overclocking it. Maybe not, but I just generally try to get good deals. I have 2 GB of RAM in my computer that only costed about $180 ($90 for 1 GB). Just make sure he isn't thinking that the most expensive is the best. However, I didn't find the exact RAM you're talking about, and it could very well be worth every penny. Anybody know anything about that RAM?
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Thanks everyone
After talking it over with my son he going for the 3700 amd and move up to a 6800 gt card. Thanks again
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You know, you should go to
maybe you'll find something cool for your son over there because it is the coolest computer site I know of so far!
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1.) that asus board sucks, go for the DFI lanparty
2.) don't go for that "fancy" (or it may seem) corsair ram because ram timings don't affect performance at all; get a gig of twinmos ram on newegg for around $87 (performs the same as a gig of $300 ram)
3.) 3700+ isn't really needed, you can bump it down to a 3200+ (venice) and go for the new gen of gfx cards if your son can wait a month or so
4.) you need a power supply; the OCZ powerstream 520W if your cheapest and best choice for around $110 or so; the one that comes with the case sucks *** and might damage your computer

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I like Newegg better

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i think newegg is better for products, they deliver very fast!

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