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klidifia 11-13-2003 03:59 PM

Slow Motion Problem PLEASE HELP!
Hi everybody.

I have the MOST fustrating problem on my hands.
I posted here before ( about this problem.

The problem is that some games (Counter-Strike, Jazz Jackrabbit) and a lot more are running slower than normal speed. Sometimes they are very slow almost like half-speed and sometimes nearly normal speed but still quite a bit slower.

Very fustrating some help would be greatly appreciated.

Some extra information:
I have a Athlon 1800 XP running at 1700 XP
40 Gig Hard drive
Geforce4 MX 440 64DDR vid out (chaintech)

Now.. I had integrated sound and after much research into this I thought it was something to do with the sound. I still have a hunch it is. Anyway, After i got it working, I got a new sound card! Everything was working fine. I *think* it was when I installed DIRECTX 9, that it started giving me these problems again.

The sound card is a CMI8738
I have tried multiple drivers for this card and for my video card.

I cant understand what the problem is, perhaps directx?

PLEASE give me some help!

Note: its not my computer specs not being able to run the games fast, its not my connection or anything like that... playing online CounterStrike, everone moves normal speed, they see me move slow :(

spfd 11-13-2003 04:11 PM

or vid card in that case.

klidifia 11-13-2003 04:16 PM

Why would it be the RAM?
I think I also experimented with a TNT2 and same thing..

tech4hire 11-13-2003 04:30 PM

playing online CounterStrike, everone moves normal speed, they see me move slow. Is this the only problem. The programs run slow to other people seeing you online or do they actually run slow to you. Would a non online game run slow also or is it just online games that do this.

klidifia 11-13-2003 04:32 PM

no if I play on LAN or any sort of single play it will happen as well.
Something is telling the programs to move slow :(

It must be the sort of engine some games use or something because gamers using q3 engine are fine

tech4hire 11-13-2003 05:19 PM

sorry but another question. Why do you under clock your cpu, or is that a typo. You do have by todays standards minimum ram and a small harddrive. You may want to check your virtual memory and are you almost out of HDD space? Also how long since you have last reloaded your OS?

klidifia 11-13-2003 05:26 PM

This problem occured before I formatted (About 2 months ago) and is occuring now as well.

It is underclocked because it freezes on startup at 1800 for some reason.

A lot of virtual memory and a lot of HDD space available. Some much more grunt requiring games work fine.

trebor 11-13-2003 06:18 PM

Interestingly enough, I think you just stated your problem. It seems you me that you have a compatiblity issue. The only time your comp should freeze is when you overclock, not run at the cpu stated speed.

What mobo do you have?

klidifia 11-14-2003 12:27 AM

would that be causing the speed delay too?

Apokalipse 11-14-2003 02:08 AM

maybe there is something wrong with the CPU?

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