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Old 07-13-2005, 01:42 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default SLI or Crossfire

I'm not sure if this is the correct area for this or not, but anyways, SLI or Crossfire, which do you think will be better in the long run? I was just reading up that Crossfire would be better because ATI has had a time advantage to improve Crossfire, but was just wanting some of your opinions on what you think and why.

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Probably crossfire would be better since they can do "what the other guy didnt do"

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i heard that with the crossfire, you didnt need two cards the same? i think you just need ur current, crossfire compatible card, and the actual crossfire card.
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crossfire requires one card that acts as a master I believe....also I don't think they need a bridge like SLI does...but like say if you had an X800XL right now, if you got a crossfire mobo I think you'd just have to buy one $300 that enables crossfire...that's what my ATI loving friend keeps raving about anyway
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Old 07-13-2005, 06:43 AM   #6 (permalink)
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The way crossfire works, is if you have any PCIE Radeon X800**/X900** card, you can use it in conjunction with a Crossfire edition X800**/X900** card.

I wonder if u were to get an X900 with PSM 3.0, if it would allow u to use PSM 3.0 in conjunction with an older X800/X850 series...

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the crossfire connects to the other card via dvi... and as charles_scott says, just another cable to worry about. so? it hidden away at the back anyway, what so worrying?
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crossfire sounds like it would own with 2x x900xtpe's, if they ever come out.
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Crossfire's the better of the 2. SLi only gets a good boost in games that support SLI mode. Crossfire gets a 1.5x preformance boost even in games that don't support it since it has special rendering modes. The only thing SLI has going for it is price. It's cheaper than crossfire.

now crossfire also works for the x850 cards. You see, the crossfire edition of the cards are the XT PE. So let's say you have an x800 Pro. You'd need to get the crossfire x800 XT PE. It'll downclock istelf to an x800 pro. But since it's an XT PE it costs much more than a pro, and it'll only run as a pro. But still, the preformance gain would rock bigtime.

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i wasn't so happy with the SLI benchmarks for nvidia... you buy 2 freaking cards, and only get a 5-10% increase in performance...

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