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Default sick of trying

ok so here's the thing. i'm building a new computer for the first time ever and when i ordered the parts i made sure they're all compatible. so i put everything on the motherboard, i installed the motherboard, and i connected all the wires i could. i got the Xaser III Thermaltake case and i connected USB, LED's, front panel, ATX and ATX 12V from an Allied 450Hz PSU. the PSU does not have a specific connector for fan power (2-pin) so i'm thinking of using a regular one(!). also the PSU has some extra cables hanging and so does the case. the PSU has an AUX power connector but my mobo doesn't support it i assume. i have an init_sw cable from the back of the case hangin like that. and there is a connector on the motherboard called SYS_FAN which i assume is crucial to the whole operation. where is the cable for that??? the rest of the config is 512MB DDR400 RAM, P4 3.0GHz, Floppy, AGP 2X Video, Sound Blaster Audio. i've tried leaving only the CPu and RAM connected on the motherboard along with the ATX's and i still CAN'T GET IT TO BOOT. no power, no fans, no led's, no sounds, nothing. absolute silence. please, if anyone has a similar case and/or mobo (Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-L) and/or PSU help me wiith anything. also, no i haven't tested the PSU's voltage cause i don't have a tester. i've tried a lot of things. any help would get appreciated. i've tried to steer away from hardware(more of a software guy) but i needed my own config on a computer. couldn't stand the commercial offers.

apologize for the long post but i am desperate. otherwise i'll have to take it to someone(who i will pay) to help me out. thanx again!!!

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Originally posted by subdivizion
Sorry, I have been out with the guys to night, and I have been drinking too much.....

In a nutshell, what is the problem with your computer???

One of the firsth things i that do is the STATIC ELECTRICITY test.
I un plug the PSU from both the power and from the rest of the computer parts.
I then hit the ON but a few times.

I then plug the PSU back in, and BINGO, it works.

That is the first test i would do in this case.

After that, I change the PSU over and see what happens.

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The SYS_FAN spot on your mobo is for the CPU fan/heatsink. The fan will have that type of connector on it always.

Put basically, you need to test your PSU. Run some basic checks (make sure the outlet rating is set properly, unplug the PSU from everything inside then unlplug it outside and reconnect, try another outlet) but if those dont work you need to test the voltage or test the PC with a new PSU.
System specs? Lets just get down to it people:

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first of all, thanx for your responses. Silesia, i hope you had fun but on a Wednesday night? hehee. well in a nuthsell, the problem is that when i turn on the PSU and the computer, i get no reaction at all.

second, i have tried a new PSU and i had the same problem, thinking that the PSU was faulty i exchanged it. the cpu's hsf is connected to the CPU_FAN spot. that leaves the SYS_FAN free. im thinking that it should be connected with the front and rear fans but there's no such cable. i'll try that static electricity test but isn't it dangerous turning on a psu without any load on it, even for a little? the voltage i cannot test until i buy a tester and i can't find any cheap ones(in price). thanx for your help and i'll try what you suggested but it looks like i'll have my hardware friend help me out or take it to MicroCenter. hey, it's a learning process, isn't it?
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oh nm Silesia, you said disconnect from power (regarding me saying it's dangerous). sorry.
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yes this definately seems like a power problem, you should get the PSU checked
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aah get it straight CPU fan goes into CPU plug thingo... if u plug it into sys fan it will say u dont have a cpu fan and bleep and not start up (made that mistake before)

erm if its a p4 there will be an extra 4 pin square plug on the psu that gets plugged in somewheres

make 100% sure your power on etc cords from the case are all the way in and in the right place facing the right direction, if thats not the problem run tests on the mobo etc other than that thats about all i know

too lazy to punctuate etc. soz
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Sys_fan is a connector for the case fans. You should have some case fans in that pretty case of yours. They can plug into any place on the motherboard it says SYS_fan, there should be more than one, or straight into the power supply. I recommend pluging the fans into the mobo first and then any extra fans that can't connect to it plug into the PSU. The fact that nothing happens when you plug in the PSU and turn it on is odd. It should at least whurr up the PSU fan and try and do something. If it's silence, it's the PSU for sure. Make sure the switch is on ON (I know, it's obviouse, but hey, people overlook the obvious) on the back of the PSU, and it should turn on when you push the button. Is the case power button connected correctly? Double check it or try flipping it over. Let me know what happens.

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