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jmoney12 06-08-2004 02:46 PM

Serious Problem!
Okay so the other day i was playing unreal tournament 2004, and i started it up fine but when the game loaded my PC made a weird noise like somethin shut off, but i didnt lose video, just everything froze. I could still move my mouse but thats it, i could'nt click anything. After i shut down my comp[uter and rebooted, I assumed it was a virus so i ran Norton 2004 and it got done with about 30,000 files and my computer made the same exact noise. This is where i became puzzled so i reformatted. Everything went smoothly but when i went to install my video card drivers, i had to rebooot, completely normal. I could see my BIOS load and i could see liek 3 seconds of Windows XP then my monitor lost signal and my computer made the same exact noise. I then switched video cards and now its works fine but i want to figure out what happened because my card is quite good. My system specs are:

AMD 3000+(stock cooling)
Abit NF7 motherboard
Radeon 9800 pro
40 Gigabyte 7200 RPM hard drive
768 MB of RAM(256+ 512)

alecjahn 06-08-2004 03:24 PM

Well I was thinking about this one and I came up with these few possible culprits:

- Video card getting hot enough to shut itself off (im pretty sure they have this feature - auto shutdown/malfunction)

-Bad connection between card and AGP Slot, try reinserting it, if you havent already and make sure it is seated properly.

- Does your card use an auxilary power, like does it have a place for your power supply to connect to on the card? I have had trouble with bad-fitting power connections, one of which was on a hard drive and one on a CD rom - sometimes they would cut in or out and the device and sometimes the WHOLE computer would just freeze. This seems very likely if you have one of these cards.

Ill try to think up some more things and ill get back to you later.

jmoney12 06-08-2004 06:50 PM

well yea i was thinkin tha same thing about the auxiallry power cause i have it going from my my hard drive as an "extension" is the what the manual calls it, then to the power supply. That may be it, if it was cutting power to my hard drive. But i know i dont have to reseat it because it worked perfectly fine off the standard VGA driver

Spazz491 06-08-2004 08:49 PM

Practiclly the exact same thing happened to me. I used to have an mx 400 (quite a card there huh wink wink) and i am a big halo fan. So i was playin halo on this thing, and all of a suden the comp crashes on me. I reboot and my system was runnin fine, went to run halo again, and it ran fine to the loading screen. But once i got a game up and running, all hell broke loose. It would shut down in a matter of seconds after freezing, or the colors would be all screwed up and it became master cheif and the technocolor dream coat. So i got tired of this, because i knew it was the card, went out and got my radeon. Once i bout the radeon though, i took the mx 400 apart and learned that i had totally melted out a transistor deally, and partially melted part of the gpu. Not bad for my first meltdown if i do say so myself.

alecjahn 06-08-2004 10:36 PM

Actually, I was thinking maybe the video card was the one losing power temporarily, but the HD losing it could be it too.

Try connecting each device with no "extentions" or Y-Connectors, and see what happens.

jmoney12 06-09-2004 03:15 PM

my PSU is 350 watts

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