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shoein 02-15-2005 04:26 PM

sempron 2200 vs. 2400
alright, i posted before about a deal on a computer. i was thinking it over and wondering how content i would be with only the 1.5 ghz. so i called the place and they told me for 30$ extra i could get the 2400. i asked how many ghz the 2400 has, just to save me a google search, and he told me 2.2 ghz or more. i googled it, and the sempron 2400 has 1.6 ghz. BS. anyways, thats not what im here to ramble on about.

do you think the 0.1 ghz upgrade is worth 30 bucks?


Jae 02-15-2005 05:09 PM


PizzatheHut06 02-15-2005 05:10 PM

I personally would spend the $30 elsewhere.

phosho510 02-15-2005 05:57 PM

yea , thats not worth it.

Trotter 02-15-2005 07:10 PM

There is only a $19 difference between 2200 Sempron and a 2400 Sempron on NewEgg.

Besides, If I was going to do it, I'd just spring an extra ten bucks to get an Athlon XP.

shoein 02-15-2005 07:14 PM

the motherboard is universal


the store only carries amd XP 64 bit, and sempron, no athlons in the store:(.

and the computer is a whole tower, with everything included, and i doubt they'll sell me everything but the processor.

i guess its worth a call? ill ask them tomorow.

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