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Old 09-06-2004, 04:24 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Semperon

can anyone tell me what the semperon processor is?
is it better or worse than an XP?

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The Sempron is AMD's new budget range to replace the Duron.

Coming in at;

2400+ 333 FSB 1.67ghz Thoroughbred Socket A 256k L2 cache
2500+ 333 FSB 1.75ghz Thoroughbred Socket A 256k L2 cache
2600+ 333 FSB 1.83ghz Thoroughbred Socket A 256k L2 cache
2800+ 333 FSB 2.00ghz Thoroughbred Socket A 256k L2 cache
3100+ 1600 FSB 1.8ghz Paris Socket 754 256k L2 cache

The 3100+ is basically a stripped down Athlon 64 with no 64bit mode but does retain 3DNow Pro and SSE2 from the A64.

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Any one knows what the socket is one those things????

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socket A I believe
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Originally posted by Silesia
Any one knows what the socket is one those things????
Er did u not read the above post?!

I sometimes skip a few posts on long threads but this one was only 2 posts long!

All the semprons are socket A because they are old t-bred based.
the only exception is the 3100+ which is socket 754 because its a stripped down Athlon 64. it's called the Paris:beard:
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so then why in the world would you buy a sempron over a barton? they have the same technologies.(i think)
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Why are they cheaper if they are the same thing?
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Note: it's spelled Sempron, just to straighten that out.

Theyre better than a regular Tbred, but worse than a barton.... kinda like a "thorton", i guess.

TigerDirect had the 2800 Sempron and 2800 BartonXP at the same price... No advantage there... except the Sempron is retail...

they have lower clock speeds than the bartons though, which i thought was weird - being based on a tbred but "slower" than a barton.

I don't see any real advantage to them... unless they were dirt cheap, i would never buy one.
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Not to mention they only have 256k L2 cache no matter which one you buy. Personally I'd rather get the 2500+ or 35w 2400+ XP-M or something with atleast 512k cache screw that sempron crap. I never liked duron. They aren't made for heavy processing. Mainly for people like at colleges that are supposed to use nothing but text based programs and stuff like that. (talking administration in the college...not like an art course or anything. My mom was head of wouldn't BELIEVE the ****tiness of the computers they had. not to mention all the women would load em down with junk )

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