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Default second opinion time!!!!

alright i had been on newegg ive made about 20 different possible computer builds, its not much but i have about 700$ including shipping to make the best possible computer for gamming and doing whatever i need it for. i will be playing games like doom3 and BF2 and games like that. well if someone could please help me. i dont care if its amd or intel ati or nvidia. i just want to see which is the best buidl i like. i figure its time to see if i missed any possible builds.

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Before you order any parts, check and compare prices. NewEgg is a little cheaper (usually), but ZipZoom's free shipping can make the difference.

Post some links to your builds and we'll see how they look.


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well, i am thinkin down grading in processor from an intel 3.0ghz 64bit HT P4 LGA775 and this mobo that uses ddr533 or somthin like that to a intel HT 3.0ghz 478 and use my current mobo and get a 6800gt instead of a 6600GT. i keep clearing my cart to make room for a new build i come up with. i havent ordered any parts, after this next paycheck i can finish the build. like i dont know if you see what i mean when i come up with new builds and change somthin to make somthing better. i dont know if it is making it for better or for worse. if someone could reply links to a mobo, vid card, processor, ram. i dont know how much ram and what vid card to use.
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Do you need a monitor or other peripherals? If not, that will make it much easier to get a good build for you.
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its probably a little high for you, but i just ordered a ATI X850PL for $350 from Tigerdirect!!!!! that is an amazing price.

anyway I would to AMD especially because you want the most bang for your buck (who doesnt really? -so everyone should get an AMD) that will save you some money on your ram too, withought loosing proformance. there should be a dual core 3800 on newegg. Maximum pc said the amd dual cores are better, and I beleve them, they have good extensive benchmarks. although if your mostly going to be gaming, that dual core wont help you out much at all! Infact unless you really think you need it for other things you may do (video editing, alot of intensive photoshop) I would definatly say that dual core is not worth it. just get a faster single core processor, wether AMD or Intel. Look for a single core AMD to save you some more money.

Get a cheap case. aspire, or something not so tricked out and trick it out if you want yourself.

I would say the ATI card, but I dont have any spicific data to back that up.

also, check your sunday adds in your newspaper. I remeber back when it would have been $120 on newegg i found an 80 gig HDD at bestbuy for $40 with rebaits. Also found a 52x cd burner for $20 a year ago. and a dual layer DVD drive for $40 about 4 month ago at Office Max. generally newegg is best, but sometimes...
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the things i already have
ATX case 450PSU
socket478 mobo agp8x (too save money by getting a 478 processor instead of buying a new mobo)

things i need
CPU (too save money a soc478 intel)
Video card
a new mobo if i go amd
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i am having trouble decing if i should go 6600GT or 6800 i hear so many supports for each they sound about even to me now. i think thats where i had most the trouble. other than that i think i know how i am going to build my system
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ATI = Better performance for money. Latest Nvidia drivers sometimes buggy, but ATI seems OK at the Mo. Happy with mine for £210 (Sorry, I dont do $)
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478 pin P4's are cool. I have one (3 ghz 800fsb prescott core and it's been just fine for everything). sounds to me like all you need is 6800gt agp + audigy 2 ZS sound cost around $400.
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yeah i agree 478 is very standard in my opinion. but i might go LGA775 so if i want to upgrade in the future i can probly have a better chance to get the latest cpu. and i think im going with a evga doomIII 6600GTit seems to be standard now, it has all the power i need and the price is great. but will it be adequete enough to run games in the future because i heard somtime in late sept-oct they are having a huge release of several games.

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