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Default Screen curve problem with my new NEC/Mitsubishi 930SB monitor...

Hi --

Can anyone tell me of any tricks to adjust the top curvature of a CRT monitor?

I just purchased a NEC/Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930SB 19" CRT monitor today...

I made the usual adjustments to the size, position, and geometry, and everything looked pretty good... but after I loaded a webpage in my browser it quickly became apparent that there was a "dip" or curve in the top center of the screen. It looks like the long horizonal menu area as well as any images that might be near the top of the page have a slight "smile" shape to them.

I checked every last option a hundred times in the OSD and NaviSet software, and there are no tools for adjusting the top curvature of the screen - only the sides. I believe what's missing is called the "Vertical Pincushion" setting (which I believe my now-dead Viewsonic had). The only part that seems affected is the area above the top horizontal aperture grill stabalizing wire (those 2 near-invisible lines that are on all Trinitron screens). Strangely, the top wire also appears to be not-quite-straight either (it's in a subtle "frown" shape).

Other than this problem, it seems to be a great monitor, and really there aren't many decent CRT's left to choose from these days with the push to sell LCDs... so I'm hoping this issue can be fixed. As I need the monitor for graphic design, having un-straight horizontal lines just isn't going to work for me.


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This kinda thing hapened to me a few times, mostly when I put the monitor in an odd resolution (or one that it didn't like),
My other monitor IBM G78, when I set it to 1280x960, it becomes very distorted. The only thing I can say to you is tweak all the settings.

I fixed mine then wrote the numbers down. I had to adjust:
Pin Balance.

To give you an idea of what kinda numbers I used
Pincussion - 46%
Trapazoid - 42%
Parallel - 28%
Pin Balance - 44%

But this is a lot of hastle and can be a waste of time, I'd suggest tryign another resolution first :-/

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if that top wire is curved, it sounds faulty to me. I should not be curved. I'm assuming that, with the wires, you have a flat screen (not panel) monitor. Those lines are aperture horizontal dampening wires.. they hold aperture grills in place and what you are seeing is a shadow of the larger dampening wire. Should be one at the very top and one at the very bottom. they are USUALLY very faint. However, if it is bowed then the problem is unfixable. return it.

EDIT: You could try to change the refresh rate, though. Long shot, but who knows...
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Return the monitor and get a Viewsonic CRT.
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I believe I was mistaken about the wire being curved (heh it was late lol). Today I put up a solid white background with no other images on the screen to trick my eyes, and then used a piece of paper lined up against the edge of the screen to underline the aperture grill wire.... it was straight. So it was the surrounding bent images on the screen that were making the wire look bent as well.

The screen's image itself, however, is most definitely bent in the top center. I turned the monitor east today and adjusted the settings in every conceivable manner, with no luck. I tried in every resolution and every usable refresh rate. I finally called NEC/Mitsubishi, described the problem and that I had tried it facing east (since CRTs work best in that direction), and had made every conceivable adjustment, and they told me that it was definitely faulty.

So I'll be packing it up tomorrow and hoping for the best with the replacement.

Thanks for the tips
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