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Question rebuild w/ P4 now, or wait for 64 bit?

A basic question and then a few more specific...

I know AMD just put out their 64-bit processor, that it costs a pretty penny, and that windows and other developers are pretty far from building to support 64-bit for everyday users. I plan to build a new system in the near future, since I'm running a dual proc. P3 Dell Precission, and it's well past it's prime. I have 2 256 Samsung Rambus sticks that I should be able to get a few bucks for, and the vid card, HDD, burner I plan to reuse. Does anyone recommend holding off on this "upgrade" until the 64-bit proc comes down in price and software starts getting written for it, or is that a fantasy world and the best bet is to rebuild now with P4 2.6 or 2.8mHz, a gig or 2 or RAM and do a little OC'ing?

Needs... Intel because as a graphic designer I like the added power and stability. Don't do much PC gaming at all, so I opted away from AMD and don't mind paying a few extra bucks for the P4. Any other designers out there that can make some recommendations of the best setup to handle the new Adobe and Macro. suites, and some 3D apps (Lightwave, etc)?

I think that's about it. I've been planning this for a while now, and am really excited to get my system back up to today's (and possibly tomorrow's) standards... just want to make sure I'm not going to have to start from scratch a year from now to build around a 64-bit processor. Any comments and/or recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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Well, if you need an Intel chip anyway then why the debate. The only Intel 64-bit processor that you would be able to buy is server based anyway and it also costs a fortune.
Even if you were considering AMD, I would advise against the 64 chip. The cost is way too high for technology that isn't in it's prime. There won't be an OS that will put this processor to the test until mid-2004. I'd go for the P4 dude.
However, the board that you get for the new P4 will NOT be compatable with the 64 bit AMD. Hell, even the 2 different AMD 64's that are out have different sockets.


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i would definately go with one of the new p4s (in fact, that is what i am doing) some of the new boards for the 865/875 chipsets rock! my fav of all time (which i talk about constantly) is the msi 865pe noe2-fis2r, it has sooo many good features, onboard serial ata, onboard gigabit lan, 4 ram slot with up to 4gb of pc3200 ddr in dual channel, support for the new 800mhz fsb, just to name a few, MS proly wont release "longhorn" untill about 2k5, and it will be full of bugs then neways, so were looking at about 2k6 before a solid 64-bit OS will be available, so i would definately go with a P4C upgrade for now, unless you want to stick with that dual-PIII, lol
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